Lying With Statistics

How to Lie With Statistics: this quick book review is highly relevant to current day events.

Talking about fatalities is important … “. Virologist Marc Van Ranst boastfully presented to an audience at Chatham House in London in 2019, on the strategies he used to frighten the Belgian population during the 2009 Swine Flu scare.

On the other end of the spectrum of humanity is Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole, discussing fraudulent data.

Brianne Dressen spoke with Robert F Kennedy Jr at The Defender Podcast, Episode 22, of her experiences following severe vaccine injury after volunteering in the Astra Zeneca trials in 2020. “Because she’s so eloquent and articulate and she’s emerged as this extraordinary leader, she is somebody that the other side, the medical cartel, needs to silence. So she has been evicted from the social media platforms because she talks about her vaccine injury“.

Using dumbed-down data to promote and maintain public fear has been the job of media for two years and counting. Dr Guy Hatchard offers analysis of public health in New Zealand at The Hatchard Report, often challenging claims made by mainstream media. In his 11 March article Are Unvaccinated People at Serious Risk from Omicron in New Zealand? he explains the multiple nuances that public health data always demands an understanding of and which are rarely if ever offered to the general public.

Hatchard was informed by a Stuff reporter on the weekend that a hit piece is being planned. He published his response for all to read, here.

Former Blackrock equity investor Edward Dowd was interviewed by the Corona Investigative Committee in Session 93. He outlined evidence for the financial reset being planned.

At the BAFTA awards this weekend: A listers filled the room with their naked faces, whilst the servant class wheeled out a cake, her face muzzled-up. The purpose and madness of face masks in a single photograph.

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