The Great Coup D’etat

White House pandemic gangster-in-chief, Dr Tony Fauci appears to be well aware of the public health basics which contradict his New World Order ideas. His ten minute 2017 presentation on pandemic preparedness and response at the National Museum of Natural History starts at around 17 minutes and tells a very different public health tale than the one he chooses to sprout today.

Another worthwhile presentation is Pathologist, Dr Ryan Cole at the Global Covid Summit in February 2022. His work is steeped in basic public health principles and integrity.

The Great Reset is still either unknown or dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” by most.

Our only saving grace is that politicians across the western world are beginning to table evidence in parliament, and people are increasingly aware that corporate media is not a source of anything resembling truth or democracy.

Politicians across the globe have received copies of Schwab’s allegedly semi-coherent books, promoting his globalist ideas steeped in Marxism. Most leaders make no mention of their connection with The Great Reset and many will even insist it is all a “conspiracy theory”. The Prime Minister of Holland was caught out rather humourously!

A medley of Klaus’ phraseology shared in unison on many cameras here:

This 50 page document sets out exactly how your money will go digital.

Most nations are establishing similar legislation. Central bankers plan to acquire the capability to ensure you remain “safe” by controlling if, how and where you spend. This will depend upon your obedience and your so-called “climate footprint” (because as with virus transmission, the climate is also your fault).

Agusten Cartens, Head of the BIS (central banks), has spoken of these plans:

How to put a stop to these monsters? As this is illegal, tempting as it may be, we have to come up with other options.

Find academics and experts swimming against the growing tide of authority. Learn about the background of this planned coup d’etat. (Catherine Austin-Fitts, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Melissa Ciummei, Mads Palsvig, Ernst Wolff… there are many others). What association might Fiat currency have with the pandemic? What does it have to do with plans for a “great reset” to “build back better” for a “new world order”? Scrutinise alleged “conspiracy theories” before dismissing them.

Use cash for all transactions if possible. Remove money from the bank. Investigate alternative sources of currency. Reduce debt to as close to zero as you can. Show peaceful non-compliance with rules which are obviously unjust.

Dr Robert Malone, who first created the mRNA technology, wrote this excellent piece last week, analysing the historical, social and geopolitical forces that have allowed World Economic Forum (only one of the biggest players – there are others) the extraordinary powers that they currently have over western democracies.

Uncovering The Corona Narrative.

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