Upside Down Inside Out

The Still Face Experiment helps explain the need children have to see faces and expressions. This is a primary reason that mothers are screened during the earliest months for post natal depression. Their emotions and facial expressions are intimately connected to their baby’s neurological development.

Around the same time that the NYC Mayor made this “safety” announcement, he was filmed in a dance club. Unmasked. Surrounded by, up close and personal with, unmasked adults.

NZDSOS have asked that people share this presentation everywhere possible. Why would serious doctors and scientists do this? Why did they become conspiracy theorists all of a sudden, after being community leaders and intelligent, sane contributors to society for years? Someone told me recently to “not believe everything you hear”. It is equally naiive to dismiss something before even considering it, or to trust in a single source of truth.

Dr Matt Shelton of NZDSOS gave an interview recently alongside lawyer Sue Grey, with Australian media host Maria Zeee. The interview is broken into two videos, the first is 18 minutes and the second 1 hour (which begins at around 10m into the first video). Dr Shelton reports that international teams of scientists are reporting the same findings.

The first of us to go public with our concerns, who did some video interviews and put some stuff on social media, are being picked off. Our membership is well over 100, doctors, dentists, medical scientists. We are all absolutely unified that the narrative is wrong and that people are desperately in harm’s way … media … politicians … seem suddenly to be medical doctors. And we have celebrities and sportspeople, all standing up and making medical pronouncements … And here I am, and my colleagues, we are only trying to do our jobs and stick to our oath, be cautious and get balanced information. And we are being censored and having our livelihoods taken away“. ~ Dr Matt Shelton

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