What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Dr Richard Urso speaking on the known risks of mRNA injections, below.

This is something I would have known quite readily because I work with lipid nanoparticles … This should have been looked at long before this product was out … They never told people that … it’s going to show up in your brain, your ovaries, your bone marrow, your adrenal gland, your liver, your spleen, which is then going to track up through the vagus nerve and go to your basal ganglia … The studies have been done now. They weren’t done by Pfizer, or if Pfizer did them they didn’t tell anybody … This is a big deal. People should know these things … We are also seeing a 40% rise in deaths in the 18-64yos. These are the actuaries. Noone filled them in, told them to not let this news out. And from 25 to 44yo, last quarter last year we saw an 82% rise in deaths. So there’s a lot of data out there that is very very troubling and most people don’t know …“.

Dr Michael Palmer gives a similar warning here.

Dr McCullough describes the epidemiological outcomes of these risks.

Dr Ryan Cole shows Steve Kirsch a sample from one of his test tubes.

Conflicts of interest : one example.

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