A Plea to New Zealand’s Investigators and Authorities

New Zealanders are dying and being seriously injured. The injured are denied ACC claims and many are losing employment, income, homes and families whilst being ignored, silenced, dismissed and censored. As we have seen throughout the past 2.5 years, this is being sold to us as “public health” whilst in fact being the polar opposite. … More A Plea to New Zealand’s Investigators and Authorities

This Dangerous Bridge

I wonder how this can happen in modern day society? Most New Zealanders are completey unaware! Where are their families? What right do their families have to be heard? As a member of the public, I find it unconscionable that licensing bodies are sending messages like this to professionals working in health. “As a health … More This Dangerous Bridge

Complicity Theorists

Dr Ryan Cole and Dr Richard Urso presented some scientific concepts, in lay friendly terms, to the Tennessee House Health Subcommittee on 1 March 2022. “It’s absolutely scientifically clear that these vaccines do not prevent acquisition of the disease, do not prevent transmission of the disease, do not prevent illness from the disease, and do … More Complicity Theorists

Dear Pfizer : Leave the Children Alone

The newly formed Brownstone Institute published Dear Pfizer: Leave the Children Alone, a short article by Dr Paul Alexander in October. He explains the pathophysiology behind why children are at low risk of Covid disease, and why vaccinating children is “absolutely reckless, dangerous based on lack of safety data and poor research methodology, and without … More Dear Pfizer : Leave the Children Alone

Leaders vs Gangsters

In San Juan, Puerto Rico at the end of September, a panel of doctors and scientists convened in an open forum moderated by Rob Nelson. They evaluate the current one-size-fits-all approach to diagnosis and treatment of Covid and share their knowledge and experience about effective early treatment using non-profitable repurposed drugs. Panelists included Dr Matthew … More Leaders vs Gangsters