Doctors Connecting Dots

A virus is not the same as a virion.

According to Bandea’s hypothesis, the infected cell is the virus, but the virus particles or virions are ‘spores’ which can be found anywhere, as John Magufuli described so eloquently in 2020. Bandea wrote “to confuse the virion with the virus would be the same as to confuse a sperm cell with a human being”. Read more at Virology Blog: The virus and the virion, July 2010.

PCR and antigen testing is unable to diagnose infection because it cannot differentiate between free floating virions or infected cells. These tests can detect whole or partial virions on the mucosal surface. That’s without the issues of using one test to search for one virus in an environment where many viruses are present; and without the many issues of test reliability, as explained by many experts including pathologist Dr Clare Craig.

Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole

[At 16m]. This is exactly how communists, socialists and dictators took over their nations historically. Be it Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, Hitler. It was a takeover of the medical system that was able to institute control of a country. If you look at what Hitler did, as he invaded other countries, the doctors would lose their licences if they weren’t compliant with the Nazi program. There’s no difference now.

[On the WHO Pandemic Treaty, at 41m] Cut it off at the pass before it gets to a vote. Power and control over your life. They’ll institute their green pass … They want to control your finances. They want to control your social credit score. If you are a good citizen then you get privileges of going to the grocery store and buying food. Or going to a restaurant. Or getting on a train or an aeroplane … They want to control your ability to earn an income, depending on whether you acquiesce to Big Brother’s demands on you. This is highly concerning.

Hear the full interview with Patrick Coffin at this link.

Cardiologist Dr Thomas Binder

A PCR testing pandemic can be conjured up with any respiratory virus: if we no longer test everybody with a hypersensitive, low-specific RT-PCR test, that cross-reacts with other viruses, for theoretically one RNA fragment of SARS-CoV-2, but for one of, say, influenza or metapneumoviruses, we immediately have an influenza or metapneumovirus testing pandemic.

From Dr Binder’s interview with Laura-Lynn, February 2022. In 2020 when Dr Binder dared to speak out against the pandemic response, he was arrested and placed under forced psychiatric care for days. He describes being diagnosed, by a psychiatrist dressed in full hazmat suit, shield, mask etc, as “having Covid delirium”(!). Similar arrests and psychiatric incarcerations have been forced upon doctors in other locations such as Dr Mel Bruchet in Canada, simply for speaking against their governments. This is highly threatening to any doctor wondering if they should step up to the plate and speak out.

Robin Monotti, Nullus Locus Sine Genio

Before 2020, we called routine coronavirus infections: a cold, the flu, or pneumonia, according to severity. We hardly ever used any tests to identify the virus.

Before 2020, we called routine coronavirus infections a cold when mild, a strong cold when more symptomatic, and the flu when accompanied by fever. If the flu led to lung infection, we called it either respiratory infection or pneumonia and gave antibiotics, and the infection would be cured in 99.9% of cases, unless the patient was frail, elderly or immunocompromised in which case the recovery rate could fall, but was always in the range of if not higher than ~95% of severe infection cases.

If we were to have routinely tested everyone for spike proteins or other coronavirus target genes, we would have found them in approximately one third of what we call winter colds or flus if not higher. This is likely to be what is happening now: tests include gene targets shared with other common coronaviruses, and may result in positives to other coronaviruses too in certain circumstances. Further to this, most often infection is caused by more viruses at the same time, meaning someone can test positive to SARSCoV2 yet be coinfected with and have symptoms of any influenza virus instead at the same exact time. For coronavirus infections, it was found that in approximately one case out of two there was a co-infection from at least another pathogen at the same time as the coronavirus infection. How can you determine whether the symptoms are due to the coronavirus or the other pathogen? So testing for a single virus without testing for the hundreds of others someone could be co-infected with makes no sense.

Finish the full article at Why This New Virus Testing Makes No Sense. What we are seeing now in the testing of the healthy, and the testing of the sick using a single virus as the focus, is unprecedented. It leaves us vulnerable to ongoing epidemic controls as tests are used to detect virions and claim outbreaks or pandemics at the whim of World Health Organisation, who are planning via the Pandemic Treaty, to have full control over national responses to all outbreaks.

Today we see the culling of many millions of animals (chickens, cow herds, etc) who are tested for “disease” routinely and removed from the food chain if they test positive. Signs to support disease diagnosis are no longer required. All we need now is a test to detect virion particles. With food shortages predicted, being coordinated by the same people coordinating the pandemic, testing animals in the food chain “for safety” appears to be an assault, not a protection.

Neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock

The right to medical and health expertise and professional independence have been aggressively removed globally. The pharmaceutical industry has overtaken medical journalism. Data manipulation is now an industry. This comprehensive review by Dr Blaylock is well written and researched, connecting many of the dots. Google (with ownership ties to the pharmaceutical and funding industries he dares to critique) tells you that Dr Blaylock is a “conspiracy theorist”!

Most of the world are now convinced that infectious diseases can be diagnosed purely by use of PCR and antigen testing, performed anywhere and by anyone. The need for clinical competence and skill is removed, as are clinicians who challenge this new diagnostic paradigm.  This sets the stage nicely. Gates has already stated “we need to be prepared for Pandemic Two.  I call this Pandemic One” and “The next one will get attention this time”. Such predictions are a skill that the world’s most renowned public health scientists wouldn’t dream of making and Gates is a college dropout.

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