Which Line In The Sand

Dr Paul Alexander knows exactly where he draws his line in the sand. He has worked non-stop through this crisis. He transitioned smoothly from a consultancy position with the White House Covid-19 Task Force, to one of the most impassioned and courageous critics of the catastrophic failure of the pandemic response. “I am known as Doctor Lock Them All Up“.

He has lost his income and speaks against the Covid-19 vaccines at personal risk (including the need for security precautions), based on analyses of the real-world data which he is well qualified to scrutinise. He recently described contact from people claiming to represent Pfizer, asking “Would you consider a position in pharmaceuticals if you received a salary of $50,000 per month?”, followed up by the addition of a $1 million bonus to the hypothetical offer. He describes the conversations as absurd and interpreted them as attempts to offer him hush money.

Not everyone shares Dr Alexander’s line in the sand.

Critical Nuremberg Parallels : From New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science.

During an address to a Californian crowd at the April 2022 Defeat the Mandates rally, Dr Bret Weinstein offered a coherent comparison between the Nuremberg trial defendants in 1947, and the establishment today of a compliant workforce.

Dr Weinstein and his wife Dr Heather Heying each hold PhDs in Evolutionary Biology. Together they co-host The Dark Horse, a natural sciences podcast. They interview guests “with unusual insight”, discussing patterns in nature, including human nature and the state and future of civilisation.

The Dark Horse rose to fame after a June 2021 episode with tech entrepreneur / philanthropist, Steve Kirsch and mRNA technology pioneer, Doctor Robert Malone. The 3.5 hour episode included a discussion on Pfizer’s biodistribution study, which had been translated from Japanese and revealed publicly by viral immunologist Dr Byram Bridle earlier that month. The study showed that the lipid nanoparticles in the mRNA injections, contrary to the vaccine developers’ claims, circulate throughout the body and concentrate in vital organs.

Subsequently the episode was censored from major tech platforms including YouTube, and Dr Malone’s accomplishments were removed from Wikipedia. A condensed version of the censored episode and summary of the story is available at The Defender.

Principles of the Nuremberg Code

In this June 2021 article we provide a summary of the Nuremberg Code. This is a highly relevant document to events of today as experimental substances are being mandated on the people of New Zealand, and of the world, despite clear violations of established medical ethics and human rights.

  1. The subject provides voluntary informed consent.
  2. The experiment must be of benefit to humanity and anticipated results must not be achievable by other means.
  3. Following animal trials and with an understanding of the disease, expected benefits of the trial must outweigh all risks.
  4. All unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury must be avoided.
  5. If there is an a priori reason to believe death or disabling injury will occur, the experiment must not be conducted.
  6. The risk of the experiment must not exceed the degree of risk of the problem it attempts to resolve.
  7. All effort must be made to protect the trial subject from even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.
  8. Only scientifically qualified persons should conduct the experiment, using the highest degree of skill and care.
  9. Experimental subjects must be free to call a stop to the experiment at any time.
  10. The scientist in charge of the experiment must be prepared to stop at any time when injury, disability or death of the subject appears likely.

All of these principles were laid out following the war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg, against leading Nazi officials in World War II. The defendants generally argued that whilst they did commit the crimes, they did so under orders from a higher authority. This defense was rejected by the judges who determined that individuals following orders make a choice to do so.

Comparisons With Nuremberg

“Our highest obligation is to resist and pull as hard as we possibly can in the opposite direction.” 

On April 10 2022, Defeat the Mandates was a national rally involving hundreds of thousands of protestors across multiple cities and states in the USA. A coordinated range of speakers and many thousands of spectators attended the event in Los Angeles. Defeat the Mandates featured in detail during Episode 263 of The Highwire with Del Bigtree.

Dr Weinstein made a powerful six minute video address to the Los Angeles crowd. He discussed the risks we currently face when the questioning, curious, less-compliant, thoughtful members of society, who have the integrity to say NO when their line in the sand is crossed, are mandated out of positions of influence in society. 

New Zealand now has a defence force, police force, health workforce, most of an education workforce and our academia populated with those who have complied with orders and those who are willing to follow orders, possibly against their better judgement. 

How far will those orders be followed?  Where is their line in the sand?  Will they allow that line to be crossed?

Watch: Nuremberg Violations – We Are Unlearning the Most Important Lessons in History

The video can be viewed here.

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