The Power and the Passion

Dr David Bell is an Australian public health physician with a PhD in Population Health specific to infectious disease surveillance and outbreak control. He has held positions at the World Health Organization, at the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) (a Geneva-based NGO), and as director at Bill Gates’ Global Good Fund development laboratory near Seattle. He is now an active Pandemics Data and Analytics (PANDA) executive committee member.

Jan Jekielek of Epoch Television interviewed Dr Bell yesterday.

Dr Bell talks about the abandonment of orthodox public health in the Covid-19 pandemic response. He describes lockdown policies as a concept never used in public health before which basic public health principles knew would cause immense harm worldwide. Closing borders, forcing unemployment, closing markets, making health access difficult and destroying economies were all recommended against as recently as in the 2019 WHO updated guidelines, due to the known harms. Dr Bell became very concerned by the imposition of lockdown, particularly for the world’s poorest, early in the pandemic.

He also discusses in detail, the World Health Organisation planned amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the new “Pandemic Treaty” with nation states. The IHR were introduced in 2005, largely as a response to the SARS pandemic. “It didn’t kill very many people but it made a lot of noise and got people, unfortunately, excited about pandemics. I saw this in my colleagues in public health. Because a lot of public health isn’t eye-catching … training health workers doesn’t get on the BBC. But being the team that goes in and fights an outbreak, or that vaccinates kids, does get on the BBC and is exciting. And we’re all human…“.

The IHR give strong powers to the Director-General of WHO, to declare pandemics and effectively demand specific measures. The IHR amendments being put forward at WHO this week, strengthen these existing powers and remove the necessity to consult with the country where the outbreak is declared. Regional directors, of which there are six, can declare outbreaks and emergencies. They will review countries annually, review their pandemic preparedness, monitor compliance with the IHR, and require improvements. “This will include inspections. It is starting to build a bureaucracy around the existence of pandemics … Building a pandemic industry like this … is dangerous as it will shift resources to this area, in a way that is detrimental to overall health“.

The Pandemic Treaty is similar to the IHR but will go further, strengthening the rights of the Director-General, and enforcing censorship by using terms such as misinformation and disinformation against anyone who disagrees with enforced responses. WHO will now have a very vested interest in finding outbreaks, declaring them potential pandemics and responding. It is the way that they will justify their existence.

The funding structure of WHO has transformed over the years, from national governments to private and corporate donors. WHO is now heavily influenced by these donors with strong conflicts of interest relating to power and profit. They are also significant in pushing for a bureaucratic pandemic industry, including the GERM initiative privately recommended by Bill Gates.

Pandemics are extremely infrequent. Prior to Covid there were only four pandemics in 120 years. The Spanish Influenza of 1918-1919 (the pre-antibiotic era) killed 20-50 million people, the majority of whom likely died of bacterial pneumonia. The Asian Influenza in 1957-1958; the Hong Kong Influenza in 1968, during which Woodstock festival went ahead. Then Swine Flu in 2009, declared a “pandemic” by WHO after they redefined the term to remove the need for disease severity. Less people died in this “pandemic” than die from influenza normally.

Dr Bell describes the shocking devastation caused by lockdowns in the past two years. Over 140 million people have fallen to the edge of starvation, which is likely to increase. In 2020 alone an extra 60,000 to 70,000 children died from Malaria, largely as they were unable to access care when they had a fever. TB and HIV are increasing, childhood vaccination programs have been severely interrupted so we expect to see more children dying from preventable infectious diseases. An extra 10 million girls are estimated to have been forced into child marriage due to the closure of schools and increased poverty. In only six countries in South Asia 220,000 children are estimated to have died in 2020 as a direct result of lockdown. An extra 400,000 teenage pregnancies are estimated in the same year.

It is hard not to see that we have caused much more mortality from lockdowns than from Covid.

There is no need to rush to change policies now unless people believe another pandemic is coming soon, which makes no sense if we assume only natural forces at play. The rapid push for the IHR amendments and “Pandemic Treaty” appears as though it will make lockdowns a permanent feature of pandemic responses. This will result in cumulative harm.

It makes sense to have some sort of surveillance for outbreaks. However the Covid-19 response has been very unusual. It is pharmaceutical-oriented and included measures which we know reduce the ability to fight viral infections such as confining people inside, out of the sun, increasing obesity rates, etc. Many people have made a lot of money from this. Those profiting are very influential in pushing the measures. These people have not stopped traveling themselves, and have made tens of billions of dollars from this unusual response.

There are other parallel mechanisms alongside WHO, including the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. WHO is usually strict on conflicts of interest. Those profiting from a particular health measure would be excluded from involvement in decisions as a matter of common sense. The opposite now occurs, as large donors with no public health background or training, and pharmaceutical industry represenatives now advise on public health measures. Dr Bell describes it as an amoral business strategy.

They discuss further, the influence of Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical industry, over global health including the complexities between NGOs such as GAVI, CEPI, UNITAID. Also the complexities on a global scale of removing national sovereignty, particularly from smaller nations.

The introduction of a pandemic bureaucracy will mean that private interests dominate, with thousands of people within the organisation depending on pleasing their donors for personal security (salaries, retirement funds etc). If donors have a low threshold for investigating “outbreaks” then staff will follow; and if they use PCR tests to look for viruses, then they will find them. As the redefinition of pandemic excludes disease severity, with only widespread presence required, then many viruses will be found by the new practice of using PCR inappropriately as a diagnostic tool, whilst removing the need for clinical expertise.


Simultaneous to these global events, it is interesting to note the following from New Zealand’s Voices for Freedom:

Alia and Guy will be discussing the latest happenings from New Zealand and around the world on Covid, statistics and more particularly this week on what’s going on in Switzerland with the W.H.O. and the instrument known as the “Pandemic Treaty” and other discussions.

Check out our website for more information about the Pandemic Treaty, the W.H.O. and the latest happenings in Switzerland this week. We will be updating this as events progress especially after this week.

Plus Guy and Alia will be taking a look at the latest report on so called “Disinformation” from Te Punaha Matatini. It’s a 21 page document entitled The Murmuration of Information Disorders (see attached release from the Science Media Centre) designating those opposed to the government’s pandemic policies as violent right wing insurrectionists planning “the weaponised storming of parliament and the execution of public servants, academics, journalists, politicians, and healthcare workers”.

As Dr Hatchard says in his article this past week: “An utterly false characterisation worthy of the worst excesses of historical propaganda. This 21 page document, represented to the public as a scientific paper, contains not a single discussion of the scientific concerns being raised in opposition to government pandemic policy.”

Dr Hatchard joins us fortnightly on Sundays 8pm discussing his latest articles and research. Sign up for his informative emails and articles and please do help support his work here.

Thank you all so much for being here. We appreciate everyone. Please keep standing up and speaking out in whatever way you can. It all matters.


After having his career as a medical doctor and researcher destroyed, an approach now applied to dissenting doctors at scale, Andy J. Wakefield left the UK and settled in the USA. He is now a filmmaker, and produced 1986: The Act, released in 2020, which explores events around the United States National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. Prior to this time pharmaceutical companies regularly paid damages to families of children injured by vaccines. The pharmaceutical industry are now immune from liability regarding vaccine harm and the childhood vaccination schedule has expanded extensively. Vaccines are the only pharmaceutical products protected in this way and an aggressive campaign has silenced anyone (including parents of injured children) who speaks out.

One of the best advocacy organisations is Children’s Health Defense (CHD), created and chaired by Robert F Kennedy Jr. An environmental lawyer and activist against mercury emissions contaminating American waterways, he describes his entry into the vaccine safety foray in 2005, here. CHD’s Six Steps to Vaccine Safety seem like common and ethical sense which should be applied universally. Sadly a massive propaganda mission has successfully convinced the world that if it is called a vaccine it is therefore safe and effective and must never be criticised. This is simply untrue, as the world are finding out today in the most horrific way. It seems the model applied to mothers of injured children for decades has provided a prototype for large scale application.

Below are two graphs featured in Wakefield’s film 1986: The Act.

Hooker and Miller, 2020: Analysis of health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children: developmental delays, asthma, ear infections and gastrointestinal disorders

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