Those They Have Deceived

There have been zero mRNA injections ever licenced fully after a clinical trial up to September 2020, and they’ve been researching them for decades, because of the adverse events and deaths. And some of the adverse events and deaths have been early but there is this silent killer that may happen 18 months, 2 years, 3 years later. There is a significant potential that many middle aged and elderly people will die, but that the young people may not die but they will be chronically unwell. So these trials should be stopped immediately. It is very hard to know how I can emphasise to people that these injections are entirely unnecessary and will be really a silent cause of significant suffering, illness and death in the months and years to come, all across the world”.

professor dolores cahill, immunologist, microbiologist and legal expert

Thousands of scientists and medical experts who are not beholden to the pharmaceutical industry – and who are therefore offering independent warning based on uncompromised in-depth scientific knowledge – have been warning us through this pandemic. Most are eminent in their field of expertise, such as Professor Cahill, Dr Kory and Dr Seneff. They are almost all silenced aggressively by the pharmaceutical / philanthro-capitalist cartel determined to further enrich and empower themselves at the expense of innocent people, who they clearly consider expendable. Including our children and our pregnant mothers.

The general public have been told “safe and effective” (including pregnant women and children which is potentially devastating to future generations), multiple times per day via multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. The impact is exacerbated by global governments pushing a recently created agenda against “misinformation”, “disinformation” and “malinformation” to silence any voice challenging the narrative no matter how qualified to do so. Here is how Pfizer shared their Safety Summary in a recently released document taken from Dr Jessica Rose’s article: When you hear BNT162c(2), run, don’t walk, RUN away: It’s already in the clinical ‘trials’.

Leading scientists across the globe are advising those who have taken a dose(s) of a Covid-19 vaccine, that the best course of action is to never take another. They have limited outlets to be heard because of monopolised mainstream media ownership. Medical doctors complying with Pharma-funded government narrative, mostly in naiive ignorance, but some choosing to put their own needs first (protecting salaries, businesses, lifestyles, reputations), are advising patients – including those with often severe adverse effects – to continue boosting.

I communicate frequently with vaccine injured people. Almost all of them are told their illness or injury is nothing to do with the toxin deliberately injected into them “for safety”. Regardless of the level of evidence available to suggest otherwise.

Some doctors admit to a patient that they believe it may be injection-injury, with a clause that they will deny saying so outside the walls of a private consultation; some admit it and then change their mind; most deny a connection from the outset; all decline to document any mention of the possibility in the patient file. All have been told they may be investigated and their licences potentially revoked if they speak against these injections, which they have been instructed only have benefit and come with no risk, despite all evidence to the contrary. Most also decline to make official reports of possible injury to national monitoring agencies, such that many patients seek help from other sources to self-report. Reporting is used in order to detect patterns and possible population-wide problems. Patterns cannot be seen if they are not reported.

Others, well aware and having already removed themselves from existing government-run health systems, are preparing for what lies ahead by planning new health systems and speaking out in attempts to help raise awareness that something unbelievably wrong is happening.

Lawyers are collaborating worldwide to seek justice against the perpetrators of these crimes. The perpetrators believe they hold all of the power. They do not.

People such as Yuval, the mad professor in the video below, advisor to Klaus Schwab, openly speaking about what the WEF are doing, must and will face justice. Most of us would never knowingly side with these monsters. Those refusing to question events which clearly make no logical sense, unknowingly do.

The house of cards will ultimately crumble around them as opposition grows. For now, they fear and attack those neither deceived nor afraid to speak. Ultimately it will be those they have deceived who they should fear.

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