No Child Should Be Given These Injections

The Pfizer clinical trial for children aged 6 months to 4 years old recruited 4,500 children. 3,000 of them dropped out before the trial ended, removing any information about what happened to them including why they dropped out, from the data. In this four minute video Dr Clare Craig explains some of the biggest concerns about this trial.

Dr Paul Alexander outlines the same problems in this four minute clip. “This is the hill parents must be prepared to wage their largest battle on. No child should be given these vaccines. Absolutely none“.

Government-paid media across the globe do almost nothing other than sell “safe and effective” on top of “mystery illness”, “unexpected death”, “overwhelmed health systems”, “long covid” and “sudden adult death syndrome”. In response, citizen journalists have grown exponentially. Many are traveling our nations and interviewing the general public to reach those being determinedly silenced and destroyed. Thousands are turning out for the road show.

A Registered Nurse working in a Brisbane Emergency Department explains here, to Michael from Cafe Locked Out, the carnage she has seen since the so-called “vaccine” rollout. Four early pregnancy losses in a single shift. Babies born with necrotising enterocolitis. Heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, cancers, refusal to treat the sick who do not comply with Pfizer. “Safe and effective”? She took two doses of Pfizer to keep her job before doing her own research and realising that we’re being deceived and harmed.

Keeping people in a state of confusion is an effective divisory tactic. The below nine minute video shows the enormous confusion created on the single issue of mask wearing, as well as the actual evidence.

In health care settings regular training, annual fit testing and quality assurance controls (used to be) in place for anyone required to wear a mask in specific clinical circumstances. That all fell away in 2020, when I suddenly saw paediatricians supporting the use of surgical face masks by untrained support workers dealing with healthy children who rely on seeing faces for developmental and emotional needs; nurses wandering corridors with face masks perched under their chins, hanging from their ears or poked into pockets; and all manner of other nonsense which defied the logic I’d spent years learning and teaching. Now the general public are encouraged to cover their faces with no criteria, as a symbol of ongoing fear and obedience.

The masks are slowly coming off as people realise they are at no higher risk from Covid than other respiratory viruses, and/or that masks have not been protective, and/or that something is wrong with the inconsistent and illogical advice and mandates. This has led to governments uniformly warning again, about the “need” for masks.

If you’ve taken your mask off, then you might also want to start looking at what is being said about the financial reset which our government advisors are aware of as they persist in keeping us distracted and compliant. Voices for Freedom in New Zealand have commenced a webinar series with science and legal expert Nicole Foss. Well qualified to explain the issue, she offers solutions that we can employ as individuals and communities to prepare for these “reset” plans. Episode One played last Wednesday night, available at this link.

In these two short clips Robert F Kennedy Jr speaks on the business model in use by the pharmaceutical industry, allegedly the only people able to “protect” us today. The full interview is at this link.

In Florida USA, Governor de Santis responded intelligently to an attempt to shame him for not ordering mRNA injections for babies and young children.

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