Murder, They Wrote

Always remember: 1) These people are very “normal” and just keeping us “safe”, so make sure you comply with all their “rulz”.

2) These people are “fringe conspiracy theorists” removed from reality and holding “dangerous views” and so definitely don’t listen to anything they say, to keep yourself “safe”.

For those interested in more detail about concerns playing out, below are a longer interview with Cambridge graduate, pathologist Dr Roger Hodkinson; a longer interview with Dr Jessica Rose; and a presentation by vaccinologist and mRNA pioneer Dr Robert Malone. All three of these people have a range of imposing qualifications. Dr Rose’s qualifications are laid out in this image.

The idea that “anyone can claim to be a scientist now”, aimed at those speaking against the pharmaceutical/globalist cartel, might well be true – for government mouthpieces and pharma shills. It certainly isn’t true of the people talking about the scientific process rather than standing on podiums sprouting simplistic and repetitious propaganda to keep the masses convinced.

Since the Bright Light interviews with Doctors Hodkinson and Urso regarding the Canadian doctors who have died since their mandates were imposed, it has been revealed that in fact 14 doctors have died of causes potentially related to the Covid inoculations.

4 thoughts on “Murder, They Wrote

      1. You can… do that.
        Embedding Rumble videos is not like youtube as far as finding the content but searching (like I did) will also work.
        I’m new to Rumble but it’s feeding my intrests while youtube is starving me.

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      2. Me too. You Tube is part of the Trusted News Initiative. I never use them for anything except how to fix things or recipes, that sort of thing. Rumble is becoming my favourite but the other decentralised ones are also good.

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