Play School and Serious School

Dr Anne O’Reilly is a member of the steering committee at New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science who was ultimately forced to surrender her medical licence last year. She recently gave this interview with the Nelson Thinker, describing her own professional carnage and the carnage heaped on the people of New Zealand, which she has experienced intimately in her work with NZDSOS.

This is a great short video showing the difference between the two styles of public health.

One Mask is Good, Two Masks Are Better!

Another excellent short video on exposure control, personal protective equipment and masking by Professor Stephen Petty, chemical engineer, exposure control and PPE expert, with the slides available below. A more detailed interview with Professor Petty, shared before, is at this Covid Revealed video.

PPE Expert Stephen Petty, The Truth About Cloth Masks & N95s

So are “Anti Maskers” terrorists? Why are NZ schools being trained in lockdown procedures? When did lockdown become the solution to multiple problems? What is the evidence to support lockdown as a solution to anything?

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