A Plea to New Zealand’s Investigators and Authorities

New Zealanders are dying and being seriously injured. The injured are denied ACC claims and many are losing employment, income, homes and families whilst being ignored, silenced, dismissed and censored. As we have seen throughout the past 2.5 years, this is being sold to us as “public health” whilst in fact being the polar opposite.

New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out With Science (NZLSOS) is trying to engage with authorities on the matter. Representing NZLSOS, lawyer Kirsten Murfitt describes her experiences in this interview with journalist Liz Gunn at FreeNZ Media. The letter being discussed is available at this link. Multiple letters have also been written by the doctors and scientists at New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science. The letters from NZLSOS and NZDSOS are all available at this link.

Similar signals are being observed in the UK data, in Australia’s data, and across nations with high uptakes of the Covid-19 inoculations.

A working list of those trained by the World Economic Forum is available at www.maloneinstitute.org/wef. Updated as new names become known, the spreadsheet can be filtered by country to find those in your nation who have had the training which Klaus Schwab boasts about.

There is no need to be afraid of this. Too many are aware and fighting back. But there is a need to stand against it, on the side of what is good and right. The first step is to stop complying with a medical intervention that is causing enormous harm including death.

Second is to acknowledge our innocent fellow citizens who have been harmed and killed, and reject the idea that their suffering can be arrogantly and obscenely ignored. As those in poor nations know all too well, eventually we are all comfortably ignored and dismissed if we let this impoverishment take place. So far the majority are complying, largely because they rely on media funded through networks belonging to “Team Klaus” as their “single source of truth“.

As Dr Jessica Rose, adverse events data analyst, says (clip below, full interview here): “They won’t be able to hide the bodies for much longer“.

How to ensure we own nothing? Impose unemployment, ill health and chaos on the masses?

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