New Zealand Funeral Director Speaks Out

Are communities of faith resistant to corruption? Dr Robert Malone thinks so.

New Zealand funeral director and Justice of the Peace, Brenton Faithfull spoke with Dr Matt Shelton earlier this week about what he is seeing. The Coroner’s Act in New Zealand is being reviewed with a proposal to allow death by unknown cause to be signed-off without adequate investigation. The timing is worrying given the increase in deaths of “unknown cause” occurring across all age groups now, correspondent to recognised harms caused by new and novel medical products having been forced upon the population.

Brenton has kept records of the (increased numbers of) deaths he has seen over the past two years and he reports that 95% of those he has buried in that time, died within 2 weeks of having received a Covid-19 “vaccine”. Yet official figures refer to these people as “unvaccinated”, until after two weeks has elapsed since vaccination. This obscures a very significant safety signal.

By speaking out, Brenton hopes he might encourage others of the 800 funeral directors working in 250 businesses in New Zealand, to also speak out.

Dr Shelton acknowledges that there are worrying cases of young people dying suddenly of unknown cause. This is NOT the time for the Coroner’s Act to be watered down and would usually signal a need to train more and employ more, including training those doing autopsies to know specifically what to look for in relation to the known harms caused by mRNA, lipid nanoparticles and spike protein.

Swedish pathologist Dr Ute Kruger spoke of her concerns regarding the quality of autopsies and the way that cause of death is being missed due to a lack of training, as well as what appears to be either fear, denial or both, from some of her colleagues. This was a presentation to Doctors 4 Covid Ethics.

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