Defining Criminality

Senator Alex Antic of Adelaide in Australia highlights the dishonesty of Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Paul Kelly.

We are now being told that “noone ever said these injections prevent transmission”. Which is more of the same dishonesty.

As soon as these products were rolled out it was obvious in every location that they were associated with increased harm and increased rates of Covid. Nowhere more so than nations in the Pacific Rim where apparent population immunity was weakened upon introduction of the injections.

Pfizer’s own post-marketing analysis of adverse events lists Covid-19 as a side effect of the injection, seen in 4.6% of trial participants. It is likely that this is due to weakened immunity caused by the injection, which may associated with exposure around the time of injection, or reactivation of latent virus. There is historical evidence of the possibility that coronaviruses (one cause of common colds) may have the capacity for latency.

New Zealand

Croatian lawyer and member of the European Parliament is another informed politician daring to challenge the pharmaceutical industry’s corruption and collusion with governments (as well as media, tech and regulators), on behalf of innocent citizens being encouraged and forced to take useless and dangerous products for reasons that have nothing to do with public health.

Dr Michael Yeadon has spoken out since the beginning, about the corruption and harms. Here he speaks with epidemiologist Dr Paul Alexander about Pfizer’s admission that they did not test for transmission prevention.

Multiple young New Zealanders have died in association with receiving Covid-19 injections. Their families continue to be denied recognition and answers from government. Here, Julie talks to Liz Gunn from FreeNZ Media, one of the only outlets daring to inform New Zealanders beyond the government script, about the loss of her son Liam at the age of 23yo. She is supported by Anna Hodgkinson, the mother of Casey who, also in her early 20s, now lives with a painful and disabling neurological condition after receiving this product.

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