A Large Program We Should All Know About

Dr Peter McCullough: Cardiologist and Epidemiologist, is being made an example of. They can’t silence him, but most other doctors dare not tread where he dares, in speaking against the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

Dr Emanuel Garcia, Psychiatrist/Psychoanalyst in New Zealand at Red Remembrance Day, Tuesday 15 November 2022. “The inoculation is only part of a very large program that all of us have to become aware about…“.

New Zealand lawyer Sue Grey, on the work she has been doing to represent innocent New Zealand citizens, spoke with Liz Gunn of FreeNZ Media. She names a number of “doctors” and “professors” involved, courtesy of obvious financial compromise, in pushing a dangerous product onto the NZ population.

Dr William Makis reports that Canada is now at 93 suddenly or unexpectedly dead “fully vaccinated” doctors. “Once you have spike protein in the brain, inflammation in the brain can cause all kinds of problems“. A letter has been sent to doctors from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA), suggesting that doctors should consider prescribing psychiatric medications for any unvaccinated patients they see. I suspect their unvaccinated patients are as likely to take their anti-psychotics as they are, their “vaccines”.

Touted as necessary to “keep us safe”, actually censorship is deadly.

The ongoing push for digital ID and mandatory behaviour led by the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

More and more whistleblowers are coming forward to talk about the carnage taking place.

Award-winning author of a 2005 book, Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher, Gwen Olsen spoke out years ago to “dispel the myth that the pharmeceutical industry is in the business of health and healing …“.

Once the digital ID system is in place, the possibility for restrictions – being planned – will move beyond medical mandates.

All is not entirely well in the world of global tyrants.

The false claim that spike protein inhaled from viral infection is more harmful than that injected directly into the body is dispelled by simply understanding the different exposures and mechanisms. Viral spike reaches barriers in the respiratory mucosa, which block entry into the circulation for most people. Vaccine-induced spike is produced by the body’s own cells, travels throughout the body, and it is unknown when this production mechanism turns off – but at least some months after injection.

Dr Stephanie Seneff has spoken extensively of the mechanisms of harm in Covid-19 inoculations. Here she speaks about a broader range of harms to human health in a very interesting twenty minutes!

Dr Russell Blaylock spoke with Dr Brian Hooker in this one hour segment about the physiological effects of injected spike protein on the body. The more doses taken, the more harm caused.

Dr Ryan Cole explains here, the lack of logic in administering these inflammatory injections to children.

If Australia’s Chief Health Officer is correct, that these “vaccines” don’t work, then why mandate a harmful product?

Catherine Austin-Fitts explains the conclusions she has come to based on what she has learned via her involvement with Doctors 4 Covid Ethics, combined with her financial expertise.

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