Do You or Someone You Know Have a C-19 “Vaccine” Injury?

Recently I met a couple at a social event who in passing mentioned, because one of them became unwell and had to explain why they were suddenly and prematurely leaving the event, that they both had a C-19 “vaccine” injury. They now experience identical symptoms. He stated emphatically to the room “This is REAL. Don’t … More Do You or Someone You Know Have a C-19 “Vaccine” Injury?

Are the World’s Best Health Systems Incentivising Harm?

It seems as though that is exactly what is happening. The Midazolam scandal in the UK is a huge cover-up which has been largely hidden from the public. Lawyer and journalist Maajid Nawaz has covered the story extensively here, here, here and here. NZDSOS, 9 November 2022 : From Functional Machine to Destructive Beast: Has … More Are the World’s Best Health Systems Incentivising Harm?

One For Every Million

Dr Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health, quickly evolving into a credible alternative to the highly corrupted World Health Organisation, gave testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee on Friday. She is front and centre, alongside the FLCCC team, of the Ivermectin scandal which is the main mascot for fraud within WHO. Gabriela Bucher … More One For Every Million

Big Hearts, Big Dreams, Big Conflicts

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the original patented technology, presented on the mechanisms of mRNA vaccines at the World Council for Health weekly meeting on 31 January 2022. “A man with a great mind, deep scientific knowledge and an open heart“. He acknowledges the World Council for Health as having “big dreams for supplanting some … More Big Hearts, Big Dreams, Big Conflicts

Eyes on the Ball

This amazing group of clinicians, leaders in their fields, converged in Washington a few days ago. They discuss their experiences working in an environment of horrific, and deadly, corrupted power. Many of them have been persecuted for the crime of saving lives with cheap, repurposed, effective medications which afford no profits to the pharmaceutical industry. … More Eyes on the Ball

Fangkong Fails

The whole world seems convinced by lockdown. Whenever virus “cases” go down everyone claps for lockdown. When they go up, it means someone somewhere has been “selfish” and “broken the rules”. Public health 101 teaches that blame, shame and stigma are not useful for disease control and highly damaging to individuals and society. Yet society … More Fangkong Fails