Something Is Extremely Wrong

“I have to say ‘safe and effective’. If I don’t my license is at threat”. Dr Renata Moon, paediatrician

Spike protein in the heart, lung and brain tissue – Dr Ryan Cole, clinical pathologist

No trial has shown Covid vaccines reduce hospitalisation and death. Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist.

What are we potentially putting into the next generation? Dr Janci Lindsay, forensic toxicologist

This is of criminal proportion. Dr Peterson Pierre, MD

We’ve seen the biggest kill ever in medicine’s history. Dr Roger Hodkinson, pathologist

In New Zealand state-funded journalists continue to promote the advice of a Gates-funded university mathematical modeler who claims face masks block inhalation of an airborne virus among other evidence free nonsense being promoted as “helpful”.

  1. They count every single “case” of Covid based on faulty testing which neither shows viral load nor infective status.
  2. Every hospitalised person is tested and if positive, counted as a “case” regardless of whether they have any symptoms, or what they are hospitalised for.
  3. The most marketed virus in history (first in a long line awaiting us, it seems) is blamed for any death in which the test result is positive, so that people dying due to all manner of causes are labelled Covid deaths.
  4. They compare their Covid numbers to influenza, which was never tested for obsessively in this way.
  5. They make no mention of the fact that their Covid deaths are occurring almost exclusively in people who have had at least 3 doses of the “protective vaccine”.
  6. They make zero mention of the hundreds of people who have died with a temporal and/or causative association with that “protective vaccine”.
  7. They make no mention of the hundreds now living with a permanent disability or serious injury after receiving the “protective vaccine”.

Who funds the Ivy League universities? Does it explain why they are pushing vaccine mandates on their students?

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