Describing A Crime

Dr Ryan Cole gave this excellent interview with Del Bigtree on a recent episode of The Highwire. A tour of his laboratory followed by a discussion of the pathology he is seeing in people injured by vaccine-induced spike protein.

As described by Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr Michael Palmer at the Doctors 4 Covid Ethics Symposium V recently, spike protein is the toxic segment of the SARS-CoV-II virus. Most people who inhale the virus are able to block it at their respiratory mucosa with secretory IgA and T cells so that it cannot enter the circulation. This keeps any damage local, to the upper respiratory tract or sometimes in the lower lung tissue. Those who experience severe disease are unable to contain it and experience pneumonia and/or systemic illness if the virus breaches the barriers and enters the circulation. This is almost exclusively people already unwell and close to death, which is why the average age of Covid death is older than the average age of all-cause death.

In contrast, when spike is injected directly into the muscle, it enters the bloodstream directly (eg antigen vaccines). When mRNA coding for spike is injected into the muscle (Pfizer and Moderna Covid injections), the lipid nanoparticles (themselves potentially harmful, eg Drs Marik and Kory; Dr Urso) that the mRNA is wrapped in transport it throughout the body. Depending on where they travel, they enter the cell and release the mRNA. The mRNA then induces production of spike protein using the individual’s cell machinery. Spike protein is expressed in high numbers due to a specific vaccine ingredient called pseudouridine.

The spike protein then emerges onto the surface of the cell where the body’s lymphocytes and antibodies recognise it as a foreign protein and attack it. Because it is on the cell surface, they also attack the cell, which can result in multiple problems depending on which cell is being attacked. Blood vessels slough, which can lead to clotting; multiple auto-immune conditions; damage to the brain; damage to the heart; damage to the liver, kidneys, spleen; damage to immune cells responsible for controlling cancers; damage to neurons leading to neurological conditions; damage to placentas in pregnant women; damage to ovaries and testes and … well Pfizer’s own post-marketing document (see below) lists almost 1300 possible adverse outcomes which almost exclusively relate to this one process. There are also reasons that many experience minimal or no problems.

Dr Cole shares a range of slides. This one shows spike protein (dark brown) surrounding the lining of a blood vessel in the brain.

Here Dr Cole talks about the placentas he is seeing, in keeping with the maternal and foetal harms being reported by obstetricians and midwives across the globe. An obstetrician colleague recently reported asking her colleagues what they thought and being told “oh we don’t look at the data”. Given that Dr Cole is losing his multi million dollar business for daring to speak out, it is hardly surprising that many choose not to look. He should have taken the enrichment hush money. He never would have.

How is this a substance that anyone – particularly young people – should be coerced to take “for safety”? In usual circumstances it never would have been released to market, let alone considered appropriate to mandate onto people in order that they keep their jobs or their right to participate in society. Only when enough stop participating, can this crime be stopped.

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