Catastrophic Contagion: Another Pandemic Simulation / Plan

None of what they practiced in Catastrophic Contagion was a public health response. The entire focus was ways to establish rulz, ensure political control, claim/force scientific consensus, and silence dissent. There was no mention of a single public health intervention such as monitoring transmission, protecting the vulnerable, opening communications between medical teams to explore and rapidly share treatment ideas and options, health promotion around immune protection and recognising symptoms. Just fear and oppression.

The worst part is “a pandemic with a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people.” If you can impose your new rulz on the young (wear the uniform to show you conform; use the digital ID ‘for safety’; stay within your zone ‘for safety’; take the universal basic income; accept the vaccine mandate or suffer social exclusion and financial punishment), then more permanent control can be established much more quickly.

Luckily the whole idea makes no sense. Society’s most vulnerable are always the frail elderly, whose immune systems don’t respond well to vaccines. Young people get infected repeatedly throughout childhood, causing mild illness whilst establishing strong immunity. With occasional exceptions, the young tend not to be at risk of complications or death from infections unless they are suffering from malnutrition or another serious condition. Young children do get sick but the idea that a pandemic would disproportionately affect the young and not the old, is nonsensical. The reason infectious diseases remain a problem in poor nations is because of under- and mal-nutrition combined with high exposure rates due to lack of sanitation. If our so-called “philanthropists” really cared about health, they’d be organising projects to raise living standards everywhere. Instead, they’re demolishing living standards everywhere and claiming it’s necessary “for safety”.

So how will they pull their new pandemic off? By diagnosing with some dodgey test and telling everyone to be afraid of cases? Hopefully not by establishing hunger, but the panelists at Catastrophic Contagion were largely from impoverished nations. Holland are forcing closure of 3,000 farms (one of the biggest food exporters in Europe) and Bill Gates – now the biggest land owner in the USA – continues to buy out American farmland. Most nations are being told their farmers are the biggest pollutants, needing new “laws” to “protect” us against them. Whilst simultaneously new factories are planned for the mRNA inoculations to be made locally.

Pulmonologist/epidemiologist Dr Wolfgang Wodarg was instrumental in stopping the Swine Flu “pandemic” crime. In his recent presentation ‘Remember Democracy’, at Symposium V of Doctors 4 Covid Ethics (at around 5h31m) he discussed the impact of propaganda on forming societal beliefs, and the reasons that doctors agree to involve themselves in the destruction of health services as is occurring globally now, in the name of establishing a pandemic industry.

Installation of conflicts of interest into organisations is the strategy. Public interests (evidence based health care) on one side, and private interests (massive profits to be made) on the other. We saw this across the world as the pandemic industry inserted itself into front-and-centre of health and community services. Organisations, many of whom recognised something was wrong, were offered large amounts of money to go along with the plan. Most agreed. Medical centres were paid hundreds of dollars for each person assisted to put the “vaccine passport app” on their phone. Community facilities were offered huge payments to convert their property into “vaccination hubs” and run “vaccination drives”. Dr Wodarg provides this example from Germany. “The state was bribing the doctors. We always think the state watches that nobody is bribed. But no, now the state is bribing those he needs to do what the state wants to do“.

In the past three days alone I have spoken to four people who no longer trust the health service, and will not attend their local clinic. This level of distrust is something I witnessed in East Timor and Cambodia. It is deadly. Dr Wodarg offers a solution: regional health budgets, decentralised from big government and the public-private partnership model. This is the exact opposite of the planned WHO Pandemic Treaty in which UN troops will land and coordinate local responses based on orders from Switzerland, should locals dare to oppose enforced pharmaceutical nonsense.

Catherine Austin-Fitts followed Dr Wodarg with a list of “what we can do” to oppose the globalist plans:

  • Recognise your power;
  • Learn how to protect yourself and your family against the “great poisoning” – avoid processed food, live healthily, investigate the pharmaceutical industry’s so-called “solutions” before taking their products;
  • Use cash;
  • Turn off the tv and mainstream media and look for independent media news;
  • Use local businesses with principles that align with your own, including small and local banks;
  • Refuse to engage with vaccine passports, QR codes, digital IDs and reject central bank digital currencies; tell your bank you expect them to fight against CBDCs;
  • Support good local leadership;
  • Look up participatory budgeting – it’s about citizens reinventing local budgets to make resources go further;
  • Direct your donations towards decentralised organisations;
  • Don’t donate to institutions enforcing mandates or other nonsense;
  • Protect yourself from bullying in regards to mandates – have letters and templates you can use;
  • Tell the truth, don’t be bullied into not speaking your truth;
  • Find your tribe. Who is going to support you during tough times ahead;
  • Support local farmers and the restaurants and grocers who buy from local farmers;
  • Remove the people from your life who offer depression and disrespect;
  • Do not comply and say no to digital IDs, vaccine passports, CBDCs etc; this is a looming control grid that noone wants;

Dr Wodarg added:

  • If we stop this in one region, the other regions will watch and follow; it could end very quickly;
  • Those who are threatening us need to be punished; this includes retrieving the money they have taken, which we need to assist the vaccine injured;
  • Doctors who have taken money to inoculate people should give the money back; as well as the pharmaceutical industry profits and land being taken by Bill Gates; it all needs to be returned;

Polly Tommey added:

  • This has been going on much longer than Covid – there are many who have been injured by approved vaccines and they need to be included in the reparations;

Dr Meryl Nass added:

  • Without transparency, criminals can buy us out, as has happened;
  • Preventing disease makes the most sense;
  • We can fix this; we need to re-incentivise those with the skills to stop engaging in the corruption and re-orient towards implementing solutions;
  • Society’s institutions have been degraded in the move towards “the great reset”, which has been going on for decades – this includes health, education, media, food industry etc;
  • Pay attention to what is happening and be a part of the solution.

Medical Doctor and Biochemist Dr Michael Palmer:
To doctors and nurses:

  • The science speaks clearly. Remember the science you have been taught. Remember the immunological principles from which it is clear, the mRNA vaccines are not fit for purpose and are inherently dangerous. Refuse to administer them.
  • The evidence is in, from individual case reports, autopsies, epidemiological analysis and forensic analysis, of the farcical approval processes which were not carried out to ensure safety and efficacy “but to provide cover for these insidious poisons which kill in a hundred different ways, which always leads back to one simple, clear mechanism“.
  • Remember your oath and the reasons you wanted to become physicians in the first place.
  • Resist the pressure to abandon your patients.
  • Stand up for your freedom of speech and your right to your own considered, professional opinion because without it your profession isn’t worth anything.
  • Band together – there is strength in numbers.

To patients:

  • Demand your rights to proper and honest medical care; for protection from treatments which have proven ineffective and harmful. Demand these things from your doctors and nurses, but also from those who tie their hands: the corrupt authorities lording over them.

To lawyers:

  • Keep fighting the good fight; even though most courts are captured, success is possible.
  • Build your resources, use the leadership strategies already invented and the evidence reports already prepared.
  • Even if you are unsuccessful in court, a good legal argument will help the people understand.

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