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New Zealand actor Barry Duffield, who has had roles in multiple television series and Hollywood films, was given air time by independent and self-funded outlets FreeNZ and Counterspin Media during the 14-hour “Truth A Thon” on 4 December 2022 (part 1 and part 2 and separate sections can be viewed at Counterspin on Rumble). Donations can be made to Duffield’s medical needs at this link. Try Googling his name and see if there’s a single reference to his experience. Their suffering is invisible and silent. No different to the world’s poorest.

Other New Zealand victims feature in the just-released documentary Silent No More. They remain ignored and most New Zealanders know nothing of them. Exactly like the world’s poorest.

Professionals with relevant expertise who are forcibly silenced during a crisis can feel like they are experiencing a form of torture as they watch chaos and mass destruction play out unnecessarily whilst screaming into a void. Understanding the “flood the zone” strategy helps enormously in understanding why so many were unexpectedly complicit in so much evil.

At 3m into this 5 minute clip from Event 201, you can see an explanation of what Flood the Zone is about. Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, meaning she is America’s top spy, is well versed in techniques of torture, to the point of being incriminated in known CIA crimes as per this interview with CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou.

Haines was a major player in Event 201, a pandemic simulation exercise hosted by Johns Hopkins University with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which focused on “how to use a pandemic as a pretense for eliminating constitutional rights and clamping down totalitarian controls“. It happened to be a coronavirus exercise and it happened to take place about two months before the Covid pandemic was mentioned in the media. Which is pure coincidence. As well as agreeing that social media needed to censor all dissent and criticism of government policy, Haines said that unity of opinion was needed, and could be achieved by “flooding the zone” with authoritative voices.

Multiple similar pandemic simulation exercises have taken place many times over the past 23 years, described in this recent article. The most recent tabletop simulation, Catastrophic Contagion, was held just two months ago. Attendees included Bill Gates, various leaders of African nations and India, Gates-funded scientists, and public health representatives with known public-private partnership associations (eg persistent digital surveillance and mask proponent Tom Frieden, long-term pandemic spook and proponent of centralised governance, Tom Inglesby).

All of these exercises have focused on the militarisation and monetisation of a public health response including controlling information, silencing dissent, controlling population movements and ensuring obedience to centralised orders. None of them looked at actual public health interventions such as effective treatments, protection of the vulnerable, monitoring disease transmission and symptomatology, putting supports in place for the sick, opening communication lines between teams with relevant expertise, or actively promoting immune-strengthening protections such as Vitamin D and exercise.

The claimed need to “flood the zone” led to many highly qualified and esteemed voices being crushed, not to mention all reference to anyone suffering from so-called “vaccine” injuries over the past two years. Many of the world’s most eminent public health voices are speaking about their experiences in this regard. This is by no means limited to the following examples.

Professor Martin Kulldorff

Kulldorff is an internationally well-known biostatistician and epidemiologist. During his career, he has developed new statistical and epidemiological methods for disease surveillance, including the early detection and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks and the post-market drug and vaccine safety monitoring. His methods are widely used by public health agencies around the world, as are his free disease surveillance software: SaTScan, TreeScan and RSequential. He has served on scientific advisory committees to the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control.  Read more here and hear him speak about the pandemic with Jan Jekielek in August 2021 here.

Dr Paul Marik

The world’s most cited critical care physician, Dr Marik’s accomplishments as an ICU and lung specialist are outlined here. His success has upset the pharmaceutical industry a number of times now as he discovered a cheap and effective way to treat sepsis (blood poisoning), prior to working with Dr Pierre Kory and starting the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance who very early in the pandemic understood the pivotal role of Ivermectin and other basic treatments.

They now have a range of highly effective treatment protocols, and their work focuses on educating the general public and medical doctors who, as victims of the zone-flood, largely remain in the dark about how to effectively prevent and treat Covid-19. Hear Dr Marik speak with Del Bigtree on The Highwire about his eye opening experiences here. He has testified in Washington about Covid a number of times, for example briefly to Ron Johnson’s December hearing here and more extensively at the January hearing, here.

Professor Jay Bhattacharya

Professor Bhattacharya is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Economic Policy Research and directs the Center for Demography and Economics of Health and Aging, at Stanford University. A Medical Doctor with a PhD in Economics, his research focuses on the health and well-being of vulnerable populations, specialising in health policy relating to infectious diseases and health economics. He co-authored the Great Barrington Declaration with Professor Kulldorff and Professor Sunetra Gupta, infectious disease epidemiologist of Oxford University who has been equally slandered despite her reputation as pre-eminent in her discipline.

Alongside others including Professor Kulldorff, Bhattacharya is being represented by the New Civil Liberties Alliance in a case against the US federal government for colluding with social media to censor dissenting voices of high level experts not following the political narrative relating to Covid. In this interview with Megyn Kelly Professor Bhattacharya discusses the extreme harms that “flooding the zone” caused to him personally, but also to the general public who were flooded with the idea that there was only one way to respond to a pandemic and anyone saying otherwise deserved to be attacked and silenced.

Professor Scott Atlas

Professor Atlas was the victim of one of the most vicious censorship campaigns I have ever witnessed. In my darkest days, semi-conscious that my zone was being flooded but unaware that it was perhaps the biggest psy-op ever undertaken on humanity, in mid 2020 I searched obsessively for someone who might be speaking basic sense. With some relief I discovered Professor Atlas, and naively thought that normality would start to set in as people would listen to public health 101 and the nonsense would end. Quite the opposite happened and Professor Atlas, despite putting up a valiant fight, was crushed into tiny pieces. He disappeared for a time, but has returned to join the snowballing teams of public health professionals pushing back against pseudoscience-for-profit-and-power posing as public health. Professors Atlas, Kulldorff and Bhattacharya spoke at Hillsdale College earlier this year on the censorship of science. They discuss their experiences with good humour.

Some of the revelations are interesting: Stanford University receives over US$500 million per year in NIH funding. Dr Naomi Wolf recently revealed that Yale University are similarly funded (more funding from Health and Human Services than from all tuition fees combined, specified funding from the Gates Foundation “to look at burial sites in Pakistan to assess Covid deaths“, and $35m from Pfizer alone, at 7m here). Those vaccine mandates imposed on university students make a whole lot more sense now, as do the many lies coming from academic institution employees.

Professor John Ioannidis

Known as the world’s leading infectious disease epidemiologist alongside Professor Gupta, Professor Ioannidis has published 60 peer reviewed papers on Covid-19 including the most likely infection fatality rates. After authoring a March 2020 article, A Fiasco in the Making, highlighting the various public health errors taking place, he experienced extremely vicious attacks. Professor Ioannidis features in the September 2022 documentary Out To See. (At 8m10) “My biggest mistake … is that I underestimated how much power politics and media and powers outside of science have over science. I had no clue and no preparation for this invasion of science … My preparation had been for debates with other scientists … But I was not prepared to have to fight with all of these powers that had nothing to do with science“. (At 50m) “At some points, you say is it worth it to do research if my life and even the life of my family members are put at risk? … This is not what a scientist should have to worry about…“. Stanford colleagues and friends, Professors Ioannidis and Bhattacharya appear together in this interview, discussing their pandemic experiences.

Many others have been equally defamed and silenced in this Zone Flooding Extravaganza. Meanwhile, it is starting to look as though the zone may begin to find itself flooded with a completely different perspective as the carnage playing out starts to become impossible to hide. Former Australian Medical Association president, Dr Kerryn Phelps is the latest in a long list of public personalities experiencing severe vaccine injury. A rare find: mainstream media reporting on the topic.

Canada’s Health Director of Parliamentary Affairs Who Lead Canada’s Response Team to Covid-19 and Vaccine Rollout Dies at 35. The Director of Parliamentary Affairs at Health Canada, who oversaw the country’s response to Covid-19 and the rollout of the vaccine, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 35 … Adam Exton, a long-time Liberal Party organizer, died suddenly on Friday, December 9th, according to his family … The cause of death is unknown. 18 December 2022.

These stories are incredibly common with celebrities and sports personalities dropping dead in numbers that seem difficult to comprehend (three journalists died suddenly at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last month), but censorship gives an impression that all remains normal. Rising rates of rare and aggressive cancers are of concern despite the fact that this is being called “misinformation” by licensing authorities with clear conflicts of interest. Meanwhile death and disability claims through life insurance companies are at unprecedented levels in the employed and the young (those most likely to be affected by mandates). More on Australia here. More on New Zealand here.

A voice to the vaccine injured is an extremely rare thing in this climate of intense censorship led by characters whose motivations are questionable at best. Protecting the vaccine is apparently more important than protecting the humans. A truly obscene time in history. The zone should never be allowed to be flooded ever again. Which seems to require that intelligence agencies, military, police, politicians, corporations and paid-out media are all removed from the sphere of “public health”, which should be returned to adequately qualified public health professionals and organisations with no conflicts of interest.

UK politician Andrew Bridgen is one of few MPs with a science background. He called for an immediate cessation of the Covid-19 vaccines in parliament last week. He then received a five day suspension from the House of Commons. As well as speaking about the injuries people are experiencing, he revealed that the UK regulator, MHRA, are pharma-funded. He says that Pfizer representatives told him in person that they intend for these vaccines to be taken every three months by the populace, and that this was going to be their personal gold mine. “Why would you use the spike protein as your test protein for vaccination when the spike protein is the one which mutates the fastest? By the time you’ve produced your booster based on the last variant, it’s already mutated … Why didn’t they use <another protein on the virus>, which doesn’t tend to mutate very often? It doesn’t make sense. The only way it makes sense is, every time it mutates you have to have another vaccine … Also evidence that every time you have another booster you cumulatively damage your T cells which is particularly worrying because these are the cells which detect and destroy early cancers in your body …If you were a ruthless businessman and you wanted to create a model that created dependent people, that works “.

A lesson from Dr Kevin Stillwagon on why those talking about vaccine injury are not some form of crazy.

As someone with relevant qualifications and experience my instinct from the beginning was to speak out regardless of the possible consequences which at times have seemed extreme in their potential threat. The zone is flooded with lies and corruption and it needs as many voices of truth and integrity as possible to disrupt the narrative.

I once told a good friend in Cambodia that he knew what he would do in the face of evil because he had lived through it and he had rebelled, whereas I had no idea as I had never come face-to-face with evil. I now have. The trauma has been extreme, although nothing compared to that experienced by the likes of Barry, Rob, Casey, Sarah, Rory’s family, or the thousands of others whose names and experiences are now recorded on the Citizens’ Database, and their equivalents suffering across the globe. I may never be the same again but who of us will?

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  1. I really appreciate your bravery and passion to present the truth against ‘the flood zone, occupied by intelligence agencies, military, police, politicians, corporations and paid out media.’ these bodies should ‘all be removed from public health’. I look forward to the day when scientists can produce and debate evidence without interference and censorship and threats to funding.

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