The Unvaccinated Are Mentally Unwell

Dr William Makis is an Immunologist, Oncologist, Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Specialist. The Canadian government closed his highly successful cancer program which was available at low cost within the public health system. Dr Makis had attracted the attention of overseas specialists wanting to implement similar programs, as he had an 85% cure rate in patients for whom chemotherapy and radiotherapy had failed.

After attempting to threaten and bribe Dr Makis, Canadian authorities removed him from his position and he says that this cost the lives of hundreds of patients. The program was moved to British Columbia, where it was privatised and monetised. Most Canadians can no longer access the program, whilst wealthy international patients travel to Vancouver to receive the treatment at premium cost. A summary of the story is available at this link and a long interview with Dr Makis, explaining his incredible story, at this link.

This is an excellent example of why public-private partnerships (aka fascism) are so destructive to humanity. Government authorities (who also benefit through conflicts of interest) implement the regulations; private corporations provide the service for profit; and populations pay the price, in both money and societal costs such as loss of access to services and loss of life.

This is happening across the globe now in the name of “Covid safety”. Governments fund media outlets ensuring a monopoly on the narrative; health and community services receive financial incentives to implement and promote the new program eg “vaccines” and brand new, expensive treatments (all sold to the public as “free” whilst in fact being a taxpayer-to-company cost); police and other services are incentivised to impose the new “laws”; and those who dissent have their rights removed by authoritative decree. Hence the “unvaccinated” lost their careers and livelihoods; the vaccine injured are buried in an invisible and muted hole, many also unemployed due to their injuries and/or refusal to take further doses; doctors not towing the party line are “investigated”, have their licenses removed and careers destroyed, an effective way to keep all dissenters silent.

Because of his pre-Covid experiences with the fascist takeover in Canada, Dr Makis has been very vocal about the same processes happening in the name of Covid, including the massive increase in sudden deaths occurring amongst Canadian doctors since the vaccine mandates were imposed. Here he alerts the public to the latest actions taken by the highly corrupted College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario, now recommending that doctors consider psychiatric diagnoses of those with vaccine hesitancy.

Hundreds of thousands of vaccine injured people across the globe are now seeking medical care which is largely unavailable as they are told that they are imagining their symptoms or that there is no help available by overwhelmed services staffed by people unaware of, unwilling to consider, or afraid by threat of disciplinary action to admit, this new phenomenon. It seems an uncanny time for the Canadian government to be making changes to their Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) laws, expanding the criteria to include those suffering with mental illness. Read more here and here.

Three of many doctors who have been forcibly detained or required to seek psychiatric evaluation for speaking out against the pandemic response include Dr Thomas Binder in Switzerland, Dr Mel Bruchet in Canada, and Dr Meryl Nass in USA. The use of psychiatry to impose tyranny is well known historically. Two recent interviews with psychiatrists give some insight: Dr Aaron Kheriaty here and Dr Peter Breggin here.

From: Offering euthanasia to struggling veterans is government policy: Full Comment podcast.

Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist-epidemiologist and the world’s most-cited medical specialist, another whose medical career is being dismantled by medical licensing authorities for speaking out against the Covid response, weighs in on the issue here, sending a message of hope to those being threatened.

Oh and according to Peter Hotez, the grizzly research scientist at Baylor University, anti vaxxaaahhs are killers. His idea is promoted by World Health Organisation. Many consider Hotez and certain of his funders and partners including WHO, to be the actual killers. It seems that Hotez has even admitted as much.

Some information about who Dr Hotez is from Robert F Kennedy Jr, a lifelong Democrat who founded and heads the growing Children’s Health Defense, working at alerting the public to what is happening and whose advice it is they are following.

And from a separate section:

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