Simplifying and Un-Silencing Science

Evolutionary biologist Dr Bret Weinstein explained to Joe Rogan, findings from a recent study published in Science Immunology. Researchers found increased levels of an antibody called IgG4 in the blood of people who received 2 or more doses of mRNA vaccine coding for spike protein. This antibody encourages tolerance to the spike protein rather than capacity to attack it. This makes the individual less able to fight off a Covid infection. They also found these people had reduced antibody-mediated phagocytic activity, meaning a reduced capacity to fight infections in general.

This is the immune suppression that silenced scientists have been warning about since this vaccination program was first mentioned by the powerful vested interests forcing this upon the world. It is now being seen in real world data, despite attempts to obscure the information from public knowledge. A recent study in Utah, USA: Triple Vaccinated More Likely Than Unvaccinated To Get Symptomatic COVID-19; another recent study in Ohio, USA: Effectiveness of the Covid-19 Bivalent Vaccine, in which over 50,000 personnel demonstrated that the more doses a person had, the more likely they were to contract Covid (and the vaccine’s usefulness in preventing severe disease was unable to be ascertained as severe disease was not observed); and below example from the weekly Covid-19 report of 31 December 2022, by NSW Health, Australia.

Robert F Kennedy Jr gave this excellent interview with Steve Kirsch recently (starts at the 5 minute mark, and finishes at 60m). They spoke about censorship, which does not kill ideas but does foster resentment in those who are silenced.

The detailed knowledge Kennedy shares of the incredible levels of scientific fraud and criminality within agencies following specific agendas would, in normal times be an atrocious scandal. But mainstream media, funded by vested interests, provide an echo chamber to the world of one perspective, protecting humanity’s worst.

For twenty years Kennedy has sought discourse on issues of vaccine safety. Kirsch has found a reputable vaccinologist willing to debate Kennedy in public, and plans are underway to make it happen.

Think for yourself. Don’t believe anybody. My father said never trust anybody in authority because people in authority lie. Your job in a democracy is to do your own research. Don’t believe your doctor. Don’t believe CDC. Don’t believe Steve Kirsch. And don’t believe Robert F Kennedy Jr. Do your own research. You live in a democracy. That’s your job. Protect your children … don’t take a vaccine without doing your research“.

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