Protecting an Established Religion

Stanley Plotkin is considered to be the “godfather of vaccines“. Meet him here in an abridged 9 minutes of a 9 hour testimony he gave to a family custody court case in Michigan, in 2018. He speaks on the ingredients in vaccines including various substances connected to a range of health problems from allergies to cancer. For someone treated as a High Priest, it’s interesting to note his apparent loathing of religion. The full 9 hour deposition is available in five parts at The Highwire: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Plotkin is being cross-examined in the above video by lawyer Aaron Siri from a New York law firm who specialise in advocating for people with vaccine injury. He is also lead attorney with the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) who independently investigate the safety of medical procedures and pharmaceutical products. Siri gave this testimony to a December 2022 Covid-19 Vaccines Inquiry in Washington. The full three hour inquiry, hearing evidence from people with vaccine injuries, medical specialists, lawyers and scientists, is available at this link.

Siri and his law firm of around 20 staff have represented individuals injured by vaccines for many years. “While we’ve been representing people with vaccine injury for quite a while, it wasn’t until the Covid-19 vaccine that our phones, emails, form submissions, have reached an avalanche…“. There are around 100 attorneys in the USA representing the vaccine injured, and they are not resourced to do the work.

Many medical doctors, required to be vaccinated for employment purposes, have contacted Siri’s law firm following Covid-19 vaccine injury in which they have lost their ability to work and are determinedly denied recognition or appropriate medical care. Despite catastrophic injury and loss of career and income, most of these physicians only put forward declarations to the Covid inquiry on condition of anonymity due to their fears of retaliation from medical and public health colleagues.

Siri acknowledges the courage of one doctor who has reported devastating injuries of patients following Covid-19 vaccines. This includes a pregnant woman who became paraplegic and lived long enough to give birth to her baby before dying a month later; and two other women who lost most of their small intestines. This doctor persistently meets with silence and denial from those employed to monitor and regulate medical harms.

How did vaccines transform from a medical intervention requiring scientific rigor, to a religion which cannot be questioned or challenged?

The scientists involved in clinical trials for vaccines appear to be failing us, which appears to be due to personal benefits relating to power and money. It seems that in protecting themselves from being held accountable at this time when many people have awakened to the fact that there is a problem, they are doubling-down.

Stanley Plotkin’s counterpart, a co-author on his eminent textbook of vaccinology, who has been called “the godmother of vaccines”, is Dr Kathryn Edwards. She shows what this doubling-down looks like.

The first earlier testimony under questioning of Edwards by Aaron Siri shows a smiling but nervous witness who becomes increasingly more nervous and then hostile, as questioning evolves. Under oath, Edwards admits her financial associations with vaccine developers who she then acts as independent witness for in cases of vaccine injury. The sound during this testimony is not optimal, but it’s damning evidence against some extreme conflicts of interest.

In a subsequent and more recent testimony Dr Edwards is immediately hostile, having experienced the calm and incisive skill of Siri already. Nevertheless, she finally admits that clinical trials make no effort to exclude vaccines as a contributing cause of autism. This revelation is monstrous given the lives that have been destroyed, of children who deserve rigorous science to underpin the medical interventions forced upon them by trusting parents, carers and health professionals; and of researchers and clinicians who have lost their careers and livelihoods for daring to suggest that evidence for a causal link needs to be examined and excluded.

In this 17 minute piece from The Highwire, medical journalist Del Bigtree explains the magnitude of failure in clinical trials and shows some clips of Dr Edwards’ testimony. A one minute clip is available here, demonstrating her attitude.

More work by Siri can be seen at this link. An interesting testimony from paediatrician Dr Rachel Mace highlights just how little those involved in training health professionals actually know, which perpetuates so many myths. After Siri showed Mace evidence that the death rate from Measles dropped between 1900 and 1962, prior to the introduction of Measles vaccination, by 98%:

Mace: I don’t think you can exaggerate the benefits of vaccines.
Siri: I heard you say that there were thousands of [measles] deaths per year [before the introduction of a vaccine in 1963].
Mace: I stand corrected. Four to five hundred per year.
Siri: Then you pronounced 500 to 1000. Now we’re down to 400.
Mace then goes on to defend the idea that we don’t know what part improvements in living standards and overall health played in the reduction of infectious diseases. She could learn from the Journal of Pediatrics, December 2000, Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: Trends in the Health of Americans During the 20th Century.

Now a trillion dollar industry, there are obvious reasons as to why an aggressive campaign is underway to protect vaccinology. Vaccine developer Dr Peter Hotez is helping to shut down dissent. His research team receives many millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry and their partners in federal government, led by Dr Anthony Fauci. Hotez is known as “CNN’s television doctor”. CNN is itself a pharmaceutical industry partner, with one CNN host (Anderson Cooper) receiving $10 million of his $12 million annual salary from Pfizer.

Hotez recently partnered with World Health Organisation to produce a professional PR video referring to vaccine safety advocates as “anti-science aggressors” and claiming “anti-vaccine activism” has become “a major killing force globally.” If “nobody will be safe if not everybody is vaccinated” and “there’s no need to examine safety signals of vaccines” were true, then why do all the trends look like this?

Now is the time to speak out. If enough people understand what is happening we may be able to prevent what otherwise lies ahead.

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