Twenty One Minutes of Pandemic Theatre

Dr Ryan Cole owns the largest pathology laboratory in Idaho USA. He belongs to the International Alliance of Medical Physicans and Scientists, the Global Covid Summit and Americas Frontline Doctors. He spoke with Australian host Maria Zeee a few days ago, an extremely worthwhile hour in which he speaks about his extensive experience with both Covid disease including Long Covid, and the Covid mRNA vaccines. He breaks down pandemic science into accessible information which we all deserve to hear.

Do I get cancelled or censored or fact checked? All the time. Do I care? No. ... I don’t need some high school opinion maker that’s paid by Facebook or Reuters or one of these big companies, to say “you’re wrong, I fact checked you”. No. I’m the scientist that sees all this on a daily basis. So does Dr Malone. So do my other colleagues at Global Summit. We see this. We’re reporting it. We’re publishing it. It’s happening … I’m calling on my colleagues in the laboratories around the world to quit your silence and speak up. Plenty of people approach me and say ‘hey, thanks for speaking out, I can’t say anything or I’ll lose my job’ … We need everybody to speak up because courage begets courage … and then we don’t harm anymore people “.

Dr Cole also speaks on the WHO Pandemic Treaty : “Every citizen in the world needs to wake up to this right away … The WHO is owned by Pharma. 70% of its funding comes from Pharma. The rest comes from Bill Gates and China and some nation donors. The WHO spends more on travel than it does on disease. An absolutely corrupt organisation … It needs to go away and we need to start a better, more ethical health foundation … I’ll meet with Dr Tess Lawrie next month. We’re trying to get the ethical doctors of the world together because we are not corrupted by pharma money. That’s why we’re speaking out. We’re independent. The world needs to be aware of what you just said … The WHO literally trying to become the power of the world. To treat you with cruelty and force you into pharma’s drugs that you don’t need“.

Yesterday this email came from Dr Cole’s colleagues at Americas Frontline Doctors:

Dear Helen

Kristina Lawson, president of the California Medical Board, is on the warpath to expose “manipulative…anti-science zealots” like you and me.

One of her biggest targets was UCLA Medical Center anesthesiologist Dr. Christopher Rake.

What is surprising is Lawson, head of the California Medical Board, has no medical or scientific training at all, and is actually a land use and environmental lawyer.

Lawson has been hunting down and prosecuting doctors who dissent from the “vaccine” propaganda. Her board threatens doctors who rely on medical evidence and implicitly promotes insiders who toe the tyrannical line and uphold the lies.

These lies have cost human lives, and to cover their tracks, the medical board defended medical malpractice, sweeping these killings under the rug.

All this and more, is revealed in our AFLDS Frontline Films production, Doc Tracy: Physician Investigator, aimed at exposing the power, corruption and lies of Big Pharma, Big Government, and Big Media.

And even though Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon continue to censor AFLDS in their attempt to shut us down, we continue to break through their censorship. People are searching for the truth, and they are finding it with AFLDS.

In fact, the first episode of Doc Tracy has made breaking headlines in the LA Times, MSN News, and other major media outlets. As usual, the writers “reporting” clearly did not even watch the episode.

Doc Tracy has reached over 5,000,000 views so far. That’s five million.

Season 1, Episode 1: Lawson’s Hunt is an entertaining, informative watch starring Dr Simone Gold and Dr Christopher Rake in their debut acting roles.

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