A Charlatans Paradise

Professor Luc Montagnier, Virologist and Nobel Prize winner. Dr Vladimir (Zeb) Zelenko, New York Family Physician and developer of the Zelenko Protocol using early treatment to save lives. Dr Rodger Hodkinson, Canadian Pathologist. Dr Peter McCullough, Cardiologist. World Leader, William Gates, on ensuring noone questions anything named a “vaccine”.

A World United

$9 Million was donated via Go Fund Me to the Canadian Trucking Freedom Convoy. Under political pressure, Go Fund Me decided to block release of the funds. They initially claimed they would donate it all to various charities of their own choosing. Eventually, after enough protest, they returned the money to donors, losing their 3% … More A World United

Central Controllers

Update from Wellington, New Zealand as at 11 February 2022: A number of police have downed-tools and joined protestors in response to what happened on the Beehive grounds yesterday. Some firemen have also reportedly joined. Protesters report that the Law Society of NZ donated their car park at no charge. It has been raining in … More Central Controllers

Crisis of Corruption

Thomson Reuters Corporation are described as a “Canada-based multinational media conglomerate”. Jim Smith was their American CEO from 2012 until January 2020. According to sources above, he is also a Board member of Pfizer, and of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative. Mainstream media controlled by two of the biggest beneficiaries of the … More Crisis of Corruption

Thank Goodness It Wasn’t Covid

American journalist Whitney Webb has investigated the connections, history and background to today’s Covid crisis. It certainly seems like a difficult situation to try and correct course on with so many interconnected beneficiaries. Whitney Webb testimony at the Corona Ausschuss investigation with Dr Reiner Fuellmich.

This Guy Is On Fire

Everyone who is knowledgable about this.Everyone who has heard the arguments.And chooses. CHOOSES. Not to do something about it.Chooses to be quiet.Those people are morally culpable and part of the problem that we see evolving. ~ Dr Rodger Hodkinson Another brilliant, scathing and informative interview here with the fearless Dr Hodkinson. He discusses why lockdown … More This Guy Is On Fire

Modern Day Conspiracists

Today’s “new world order conspiracists” have impressive backgrounds which seem a little confusing when they don’t subscribe to the exciting campaign of lockdown methods and case counting. Their expertise includes areas such as virology, epidemiology, pathology, toxicology, statistics and microbiology. Few of the many thousands speaking out are employed by government or connected to the … More Modern Day Conspiracists

Crisis of Bias

Dr Hodgkinson spoke for five minutes on 13 November 2020 to government officials at a public services committee in Alberta. Since then he has been accused of calling Covid-19 a hoax. His “hoax” reference was in fact specific to the pandemic response by media and politicians. Last month he gave an interview, where he speaks … More Crisis of Bias