Crisis of Corruption

Thomson Reuters Corporation are described as a “Canada-based multinational media conglomerate”. Jim Smith was their American CEO from 2012 until January 2020. According to sources above, he is also a Board member of Pfizer, and of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative.

Mainstream media controlled by two of the biggest beneficiaries of the Covid Industry. This is only one small example of the capture that has taken place. At any other time this would be considered a serious conflict of interest. Under “new normal” it’s called “following The Science”.

Meanwhile, real scientists have been as deer in headlights for well over a year. But they are rallying in stronger ways with better (independent) multimedia and technical support, slowly and surely. This will be our only hope of turning this crisis around before too much more death and destruction occurs. Good people remain mostly unaware what they are complicit in by remaining convinced by Big Media supporting Big Tech and Big Pharma, all of whom are now intimately entwined. The tide of opinion will surely start to change soon.

A good example of a recent collaborative response by a range of scientists who had never met each other a year ago, is Doctors 4 Covid Ethics. All of these doctors refer to their obligations under the Hippocratic Oath. At the end of July they coordinated an online symposium of experts. One of the best symposium sessions was the introduction of Doctors White, Binder and Hoffe, who then held a panel discussion together. The technical difficulties that these non-tech scientists experienced during the 2 day symposium, was at times very funny. It also seems like a call for help from anyone with technical skill who might improve their presentations.

At the 2h14m point in this link, Dr Sam White is introduced and speaks. A whistleblower to the Covid corruption he witnessed, he resigned as a GP partner in the UK and now faces disciplinary action with his regulatory agency. He is followed by Dr Thomas Binder, a Swiss Cardiologist who has suffered extreme consequences for speaking out against the bad science controlling the pandemic response. “I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat“. Dr Charles Hoffe then follows, with his experiences of daring to speak out against the vaccine injuries he has witnessed in his community in a remote part of Canada. “There should be a zero tolerance for doctors injuring and killing healthy people … This is not just an abandonment of free speech, it is an abandonment of science … an utter abandonment of medical ethics“.

In this episode of Perspectives on the Pandemic, Dr Peter McCullough talks about many disturbing events taking place currently. Nations including USA and Australia stockpiled Hydroxychloroquine, but instead of distributing stocks, their use became restricted. Queensland in Australia have passed legislation making it illegal for doctors to prescribe this established, safe, effective drug which has been in use for decades, with a possibility of imprisonment. What a strange law to set against medical prescribers? The second largest Hydroxychloroquine manufacturing plant, in Taiwan, burned to the ground. I am sure multinational Big Media / Big Pharma cartels had nothing to do with such a coincidence… “We started to get the idea that treating Covid with Hydroxychloroquine was something that somebody somewhere didn’t want“.

Dr McCullough goes on to describe the publication of a fraudulent paper in The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals. The paper claimed to have data on tens of thousands of people including people in their 40s, hospitalised, which seemed unlikely. Claiming that Hydroxychloroquine, rather than benefiting patients, was causing them harm. “Anybody who looked at this paper knew within ten seconds, it didn’t make sense. It looked like a fake paper. As the editor of two major medical journals for twenty years, I can tell you that a fraudulent paper would never get past my eyes. NEVER“. After leaving the paper in publication for two weeks, The Lancet then removed it, claiming innocence as to how it had evaded the editorial process. The paper has had a major influence on clinical decisions made by doctors, just as the fraudulent Corman-Drosten paper has influenced testing protocols worldwide which are based on corrupted science. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in USA then revoked emergency use authorisation for Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19, in July 2020, and this restriction remains in place.

Since that time there have been five low quality randomised controlled trial studies on the use of Hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 hospitalised patients. As a result, Hydroxychloroquine is not being used in US hospitals today, which Dr McCullough describes as a sad outcome for patients. This is despite there being high quality studies with many thousands of participants which show the association of early treatment with Hydroxychloroquine, and reduced hospitalisation and mortality.

Dr Anthony Fauci, who in my interpretation of this whole crisis is nothing short of a Mafiosi-style criminal, lied under oath that there were no quality studies supporting use of Hydroxychloroquine. He remains the US Government’s chief advisor on all things Covid. Meanwhile, despite being a first-line drug in treatment of Covid patients across the globe such as India, Russia and Asia, Americans are denied this treatment.

This is really the most amazing time in history. In part because so many are completely unaware! New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science are yet another group speaking out against a tide of aggressive censorship. Dr Anne McCloskey, an Irish GP, lost her job yesterday. Because of this ten minute video that she shared online. Many other doctors are trying to fight this tyranny, as I have shared over time. A crisis of corruption, which is (as my dear friend MP often says), “next level”!!

Yesterday a very angry Dr Rodger Hodkinson spoke to a New Zealand audience via Voices for Freedom. Dr McCullough will present via Voices For Freedom on Thursday 26 August 2021 at 1pm (GMT + 12).

Covid Testing Station in Kiama, south of Sydney. “Even nature wants people to stop testing”!
And I will never even have grandchildren!

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