This Guy Is On Fire

Everyone who is knowledgable about this.
Everyone who has heard the arguments.
And chooses. CHOOSES. Not to do something about it.
Chooses to be quiet.
Those people are morally culpable and part of the problem that we see evolving.

~ Dr Rodger Hodkinson

Another brilliant, scathing and informative interview here with the fearless Dr Hodkinson. He discusses why lockdown is unscientific and harmful; why PCR testing, defining the healthy as “cases” and quarantining them is nonsense; why vaccinating children with experimental vaccines is dangerous; and the brutal censorship of information to the general public.

Politicians are being threatened with being kicked out of their party and losing their pensions if they so much as meet people such as Dr Hodkinson. The mainstream media are afraid of retribution from large corporations and governments, and have been bribed with inordinate amounts of money. Alternative media have interviews taken down immediately if they don’t comply with the consensus narrative; so they broadcast on alternative sites such as Bitchute, Rumble and Odysee, but few people access these sites. Physicians who stand up to say “excuse me but your science is wrong”, have their professional licences and employment threatened. The vast majority of medically trained physicians recognise that two central medical ethics are being contravened. First, do no harm: lockdowns are causing massive harm. Second, informed consent: propaganda is being used to sell vaccines without offering any detail to explain that they are experimental, with multiple unexpected events detected during the rollouts.

He has experience with and opinions on corrupt and inept practices from World Health Organisation, Anthony Fauci and “the Great Resetters”. He discusses gain of function practices led by Dr Fauci, laboratory biosafety issues, the mathematical modeling incompetence of Neil Ferguson whose Imperial College model threw the world into terror, ideas about where influenza might have disappeared to, and the use of emergency powers giving big pharma exemption rights to dispense their experimental vaccines.

This hour-long interview is a brilliant and grounded summary of the absurdities playing out in the world, by an expert who doesn’t buy into conspiracies, nor alarmism.

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