Humanity’s Hunger

People I have known for years, living in the third world, who despite being impoverished, have been independently taking care of themselves and their families for generations and asking for nothing, now face intolerable despair. For example:

Have no job for long time. Also now my village close. Cannot go outside to find any food. Very difficult. Cannot say. Very misery for me and my family now. Cannot find something for eat my kids“.

How is this okay?

How is it a “health” intervention?

Where is the evidence that this is going to “save” people?

I wish someone could explain it. The closest anyone comes, is the Malthusian idea that the poor need to die in order to save humanity. I do not subscribe. Neither does rational evidence, nor basic human decency and insight. The poor are not an inferior version of us. They are us.

Yesterday I cycled through some farmland and noticed fine particles of pollen floating in the air around me. I no doubt inhaled some. If you swabbed my nose today for a bit of pollen genome, you’d find it. Some people experience life-threatening respiratory problems caused by pollen. In pursuit of “ZeroPollen” to “protect others”, I would need to strictly isolate. Thankfully we are not (yet) pursuing any such goal. It would never work, despite the fact that – unlike SARS-CoV-2 – we can see pollen as it floats around us. Both SARS-CoV-2 and pollen exist in nature and can never be eradicated. Equally, finding it in a human nasopharynx, if I were healthy or even if my nose were running or I had a mild cold, would not be evidence of “disease” or “danger”.

Protecting the vulnerable against Covid disease whilst protecting the majority from lockdown harms by ceasing all lockdown interventions immediately is the only sensible and lifesaving response.

Dr Ryan Cole is yet another trained pathologist who speaks out regularly about Covid-19. He has 18 years experience treating patients, has expertise in immunology and virology. So he’s probably not a conspiracist except in the 2021 sense of the word. He spoke recently about the vaccines on this YouTube link, but as it’s likely to be removed, his 25 minute interview with Steve Deace also covers in accessible language, issues related to the virus and the vaccines. We all deserve access to this level of information which is simply not on offer via mainstream sources who are so focused on driving fear. “We need to open up this conversation. We are silencing very smart people so that stupid people won’t be offended in this past year“.

Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART Group) are an excellent source of rational pandemic related information.

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