Lockdown Lets It Rip

Lockdown opponents are often accused of wanting to “let it rip”. Mounting evidence from multiple sources confirms that lockdowns are the best way to let death and destruction rip through society. This British Medical Journal Webinar titled “Is Zero Covid Possible?” goes for two hours. For those with limited time, I definitely recommend spending ten … More Lockdown Lets It Rip

Water Might Be Wet

We could abandon lockdown policies immediately and revert to the established pandemic plans that were in place which referred to sound evidence collected over many years. Global Influenza Programme: Pandemic Mitigation Plan (October 2019). I continue to hope that soon we will, before freedom becomes accepted as a tightly managed privilege which only the most … More Water Might Be Wet

Deadly Public Health

Why did World Health Organisation promote lockdown as a public health intervention? They knew the harms, yet they recommended it anyway. For what possible reason? A part of the answer must surely include the background Crimes of Tedros Adhanom. The Chinese Communist Party are clearly implicated, along with multiple others such as (but not limited … More Deadly Public Health

Not Public Health

As time goes on, the more convinced I become that something seemingly sinister is behind the pandemic response at play through 2020 into 2021, with no apparent end in sight. This is not denial of a virus which has circulated and caused some epidemic level deaths in a number of specific locations. Many locations have … More Not Public Health

Politics, Poverty, Phylogeny and Poetry

Kung Future in Cambodia are starting a maternal-child nutrition project with a small foundation sponsorship received recently. Unable to travel there, it is an Australian-English-Cambodian partnership underway with untrained local staff implementing the work via support through Zoom meetings. At a time when extra and intensive support is needed most in the face of hunger … More Politics, Poverty, Phylogeny and Poetry

Clickbait and Kludge

There are some truly inspiring medical doctors using Twitter to share information about Covid-19. One of the most impassioned I follow is Dr Thomas Binder. He earned a PhD in Virology/Immunology before specialising in Cardiology, has over 30 years medical experience and works as an Associate Professor at a medical university in Austria. There are … More Clickbait and Kludge