Defining the Difference

It turns out that the Nazis killed based on a need to protect the more superior race, rather than on pure hatred. Medicalised population protection was a very useful tool for their needs. Lockdowns a la 2020 similarly involve a comfortable group, protected and enriched, perhaps slightly inconvenienced by lockdown, promoting Chinese Communist Party policy based on a need for “protection” of themselves, at the expense of the dispensable poor.

Extraordinary curtailment of massive Typhus epidemic in the Warsaw ghetto

Thus, famines, which many times go hand in hand with disease, are often erroneously viewed as natural or climate-induced phenomena when, in most recent cases, they should more accurately be viewed as man-made weapons of war

Epidemics and Genocide in Eastern Europe, 1890 -1945

How did typhus come to be viewed as a ‘Jewish disease’ and what was the connection between the anti-typhus measures during the First World War and the Nazi gas chambers and other genocidal medical practices in the Second World War? This book provides valuable new insight into the history of German medicine in its reaction to the international fight against typhus and the perceived threat of epidemics from the East in the early part of the 20th century. It examines how German bacteriology became increasingly racialised, and how it sought to eradicate the disease by eradication of the perceived carriers. Delousing became a key feature of Nazi preventive medicine during the Holocaust, and gassing a favoured means of eradication of typhus.

Did Lockdowns Work? An Economist’s Cross-Country Comparison concludes that lockdowns had no impact on Covid-19 transmission, whilst leading to a substantial number of additional deaths for other reasons. Why then, do governments continue to terrorise their populations with lockdowns and removal of liberties in the name of public health?

Perhaps the shock I’ve felt at public health being so hijacked in the name of often questionable political ideologies comes from not having learned enough recent history? I’m certainly not the only one having this experience as daily I encounter public health experts speaking out passionately at what is happening in the name of their discipline. Dr Ryan Cole runs one of the largest diagnostic laboratories in Idaho, USA. He introduces this half hour presentation with “I’m not just blowing smoke today, this is my area of expertise. I want to be able to share with you today, actual science. We get a lot of politics from one side to the other side, I’m not here to defend one side or the other, I’m here to speak data. … I have no agenda, I just want people to understand what public health messages have we been missing…”. He goes on to discuss treatments, vaccines, and non-pharmaceutical interventions opposed or promoted for dogmatic reasons rather than evidence based practice.

Lockdowns Have Killed Millions. Even the World Economic Forum don’t deny the harms caused.

In this climate, where every Covid-19 death is counted and reported via excited media pundits multiple times per day, with no context of how this compares to any other death statistics, Comrade Stalin comes to mind. So many today seem convinced that “A single Covid-19 death is a tragedy; a million lockdown deaths are a statistic“. Bioterrorism and public health appear to span the same spectrum. How do we define the difference?

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