A Plea to New Zealand’s Investigators and Authorities

New Zealanders are dying and being seriously injured. The injured are denied ACC claims and many are losing employment, income, homes and families whilst being ignored, silenced, dismissed and censored. As we have seen throughout the past 2.5 years, this is being sold to us as “public health” whilst in fact being the polar opposite. … More A Plea to New Zealand’s Investigators and Authorities


I want you to be aware of what I’m getting in my inbox at FreeNZ Media. Everyday now, I’m getting desperate emails from desperate kiwis, who are telling me: I think the booster has killed a friend, a family member, a child that I know. But the doctors in our hospitals are denying it. They say there’s no definitive proof. We’d need an autopsy and autopsies are taking up to nine months. … More Un-Google-Able

The First To Fall

“Generally most people who die are expected to die … But what is different is the number of young people dying in their sleep. Dropping dead. Within one, two, three days, seven days, of the vaccine …We have no doubt. There is something really bad going on… We’re not saying that the vaccine killed these … More The First To Fall

Sadness and Madness

“They don’t have a reason for why the brain is acting this way” ~ Ryleigh’s Mum Dr Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, has explained the mechanism of harms to the blood-brain barrier via inflammatory processes involving the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. She predicts a surge in early-onset neurodegenerative disease (eg Parkinsons, … More Sadness and Madness

Enormous Personal Cost

Dr Cindy de Villiers of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science spoke with Liz Gunn recently. Dr de Villiers is a kind, intelligent, ethical and informed warrior standing up for what is right against Big Power, following basic scientific principles and medical ethics. “The most facile way of dismissing an intelligent discussion, none of … More Enormous Personal Cost

The Tool of Tyrants

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda was released yesterday. A half hour documentary examining the use of vaccines in impoverished nations. The story of what happened in Kenya reads like a foretelling of global events since 2020. There are so many atrocious and instructive revelations in this interview (10 June 2022) with NZDSOS Doctor Alanna Ratna and … More The Tool of Tyrants