Representing PANDA

Nick Hudson presented at a BizNews Investment conference last week, summarising events of the Covid-19 pandemic and evolution of the illogical and dishonest public health response. He speaks for half an hour, describing the history of the pandemic and how it has played out. Common sense and factual information over exaggeration and misrepresentation. He says … More Representing PANDA

If Not Us, Then Who?

PANDA ~ Pandemics Data and Analytics published a Review update of recent science relating to Covid-19 policy in early January. “The unprecedented measures of universal lockdowns, tight institutional lockdowns of care homes, universal masking of the general population, obsession with surfaces and hands, and the accelerated vaccine deployment are contrary to known science, and contrary … More If Not Us, Then Who?

Strange Science

Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine and Economics at Stanford University, speaks for 45 minutes here with Nick Hudson of Panda. We all deserve access to intelligent and principled discussion such as this. It is largely absent.

Politics, Poverty, Phylogeny and Poetry

Kung Future in Cambodia are starting a maternal-child nutrition project with a small foundation sponsorship received recently. Unable to travel there, it is an Australian-English-Cambodian partnership underway with untrained local staff implementing the work via support through Zoom meetings. At a time when extra and intensive support is needed most in the face of hunger … More Politics, Poverty, Phylogeny and Poetry

PANDA to the Rescue

PANDA are a multidisciplinary group of scientists and professionals who have been trying to grapple with the bad science characterising the public policy response to Covid-19. Starting with a small group of South African actuaries and doctors, very early on they spoke out about the negative consequences of lockdown which were not being considered by … More PANDA to the Rescue

Actuaries and Actresses

South African actuary Nick Hudson co-founded perhaps one of the most impressive organisations arising from the 2020 pandemic. In this YouTube interview with Tim Price he talks about the work of PANDA – Pandemic Data and Analytics. An intelligent discussion talking common sense, public health, evidence, science, social justice, history, politics, academic institutions and failures, … More Actuaries and Actresses