Independent journalist Taylor Hudak hosted the Doctors 4 Covid Ethics Symposium last month. In this twenty minute panel discussion she interviews three serious scientists calling for the end to the experimental vaccination program rolling out globally. They explain why they have concerns.

I worked on vaccination programs for over 15 years, and sat through many interesting policy discussions on safety, efficacy, risks, benefits and target population recommendations based on risk stratifications. So a very interesting phenomenon of this year has been the determination by people with no relevant training or experience, that I must be anti-vax because I have concerns about the extremely odd rollout of these extremely odd vaccines. Concerns which are based on listening to experts describing their concerns. “The Science” is certainly not settled – quite the opposite. People – particularly those with relevant experience – should be perfectly entitled to discuss this issue. Instead they face aggressive censorship, silencing and propagandised denigration.

Ignoring safety signals is nonscience. Ignoring efficacy signals is nonscience. But nonscience rules for now. Despite the trials not being due to end until 2023, the US FDA this week approved Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine for full use this week.

The panelists on this discussion are no doubt all discredited on any Google search. Google being the parent company of Google Ventures, a main investor in the company Vaccitech, which created the technology upon which the AstraZeneca vaccine is based. Conflicts of interest are irrelevant of course, in nonscience. The Covid industry is dripping wet with conflicts of interest which are being revealed slowly but surely.

The Doctors 4 Covid Ethics panelists in the session mentioned are:

Dr Michael Yeadon – Former Chief Scientific Officer at Allergy and Respiratory Research, Pfizer. PhD in Pharmacology.

Dr Michael Palmer – Medical Microbiologist and Medical Doctor with Pharmacology specialisation. Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Waterloo.

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi – Medical Microbiologist and Medical Doctor. Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology.

How odd that people with such qualifications would turn “anti-vax”? Unless of course, their training includes understanding safety, efficacy, risks, benefits and population stratifications? Going by this year’s new popular definition, the US Department of Health and Human Services and all other national vaccine safety monitoring systems must in fact be “anti vaxxers”.

The three beautiful women at Voices for Freedom in New Zealand, two lawyers and an educator, have managed to recruit presentations recently from world renowned experts including Dr Peter McCullough, who I am listening to as I type. They just reported that they’ve had some nasty media attention recently, “but we’re not going to bother about that, we are just going to keep on going“. These are ethical, courageous and decent human beings standing on the right side of history in what will be recorded as a massive crime against humanity. All for profits and power benefiting white collar corporate criminals. Sickening.

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