Forget Thalidomide, Worship “Science”

We have forgotten Thalidomide. We have forgotten Tuskegee. We have forgotten the Nazi doctors who carried out medical experiments which murdered many. We have apparently forgotten the many other historic tragedies with medical science (and doctors, nurses et al) at their core. Today there are some health care workers who know history and recognise their own vulnerabilities. There are some normal members of the public who also know and recognise it. It would seem that most do not.

As an example this meme (in purple) has become popular on social media. Mark Changizi, a neuroscientist amongst other academic achievements, replied (in black).

Dr Lee Merritt presented at the one year anniversary White Coat Summit of America’s Frontline Doctors last month. It is a seventeen minute presentation.

Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS) intend to detect “new, unusual or rare events and to watch for unexpected or unusual patterns …“. She describes the history of Thalidomide and why it took so long for anyone to recognise this medication, being prescribed to pregnant women worldwide, as the cause for foetal limb abnormalities. “When any bad drug comes on the market, and vaccines should be included … and we’ve taken many drugs and many vaccines off the market [due to] problems. Well, when a drug comes on the market that subsequently gives us problems, it starts like a little avalanche. It’s a little snowball at the top of the mountain and nobody sees it. Then it comes down the mountain and gains momentum and then it’s too late to stop it. And that’s what happened with Thalidomide….“.

Somehow, today, it is unacceptable to express safety concerns about the so-called Covid19 “vaccines”. The reason that VAERS is in place, is to alert society to signals of concern. How do those suggesting that there are signals in the data, get to be dismissed so easily as “anti vax”?

Dr Ryan Cole, Anatomical and Clinical Pathologist who trained at the Mayo Clinic, owns the largest independent laboratory in the sate of Idaho in USA. As shared before, he speaks for 30 minutes at this video in which he states that he is seeing signals in his laboratory data already. This includes an uptick in multiple viruses that are usually kept in check by the immune system, suggesting that the vaccine is suppressing peoples’ immune systems. This suppression includes interference with the body’s usual processes that protect against cancers. He is already seeing large increases in certain types of cancer. He is concerned. That does not make him “anti vax”. It makes him an informed medical scientist. He has a right to speak.

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