Orchestrated Malpractice

Many thousands of physicians have been silenced

Americas Frontline Doctors held a media briefing in July 2020 in Washington DC with a tiny live audience of seemingly random pedestrians. A range of clinicians experienced in caring for Covid-19 patients spoke out against the pandemic response, with a very strong focus on the successful use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19. Clinicians with experience treating Covid-19 patients are not being heard, and are being deliberately censored and smeared.

Dr Simone Gold is the spokesperson for Americas Frontline Doctors. She lost her employment in two hospitals when she refused to follow orders to deny effective treatment to sick Covid-19 patients. She coordinated this media briefing and steps forward to speak out multiple times, calling for children to be in school, questioning diagnostic practices and publicising the fact that established treatments are available but have not been accessible for political reasons.

Dr Bob Hamilton. (At 2 minutes). Paediatrician, Santa Monica, California. Few children get infected, those who do mainly experience asymptomatic infection. Those who get sick are hospitalised in very low numbers, and the mortality rate for those who do get sick is tiny. They don’t pass the infection on to adults.

Dr Stella Immanuel. (At 5 minutes). Primary Care Physician in Houston, Texas. Has treated over 350 patients, many of them high risk including elderly to 92 years old, and those with comorbid conditions. Contrary to popular opinion, Covid is treatable. Dr Immanuel has treated patients experiencing breathing difficulty presenting to her in terror because they’ve been led to believe their disease is a death sentence. Every one of them has been cured with combination treatment including Hydroxychloroquine. Why are treatments being blocked?

Dr Dan Erickson. (At 12 minutes). The severe health consequences of lockdowns. Open schools, open businesses, don’t remove peoples’ liberties.

Dr Richard Urso. (At 27:45). Ophthalmologist with background in drug development and repurposing. Hydroxychloroquine in trials was used in excessive, toxic doses which caused toxic results. This led to fear of a very safe drug which concentrates in the lungs and blocks the virus from replicating.

Dr James Todaro. (At 30 minutes). Ophthalmologist and clinical researcher who discovered and publicised fraudulent data in a Lancet study, subsequently retracted, showing fabricated data about Hydroxychloroquine being used in WHO and European Union studies. An orchestrated attack against the use of Hydroxychloroquine is playing out. This medication is 65 years old, has been on the World Health Organisation’s safe essential list of medications for years, and is available over the counter in many countries. Doctors promoting Hydroxychloroquine following many studies that show it is safe and effective, are being censored. Facebook and YouTube are silencing and censoring doctors speaking out against the World Health Organisation’s mistakes during this pandemic.

Dr Joe Ladapo. (At 33:25). Physician and clinical researcher at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Americas Frontline Doctors is trying to bring light to the challenge of treating Covid-19. This is a challenging, complex issue, which media are only broadcasting a single perspective on. He believed the consensus that Hydroxychloroquine must not work, as the media were saying so. But when he looked into the multiple, reputable studies, he realised this information was incorrect.

These physicians are putting their careers and incomes on the line to speak out. Why would they do that?

Doctors in impoverished nations are not so fortunate as to have the ability to risk their incomes and safety, so they are forced to keep quiet on any suspicions that they have. But suspicions are rife in locations where almost every test returns a positive result, regardless of the condition of the “patient”. Video footage of slum children in a crowded hut packing cotton swabs for Covid-19 testing purposes would certainly support the theory of high rates of false positive test results. The aftermath is horrific as people with zero ability to find food are forced to isolate under threat of violence should they break the rules. The fight against stigmatisation of infectious disease has been set back centuries. Miasmatic belief systems would have involved kinder and more humane health practices than the pseudoscsience playing out in our so-called enlightened world.

Yet another scientist calling for the cessation of mRNA experimental vaccinations is Geneticist, Dr Alexandra Herion-Caude. She discusses her concerns about the pandemic response with Planet Lockdown Film, in two videos: Big Picture and mRNA Vaccine Discussion. The latter is complicated in parts, but at the end she states “All these are hypotheses, but you know what? If we don’t discuss them we never reach the point where we can have a final answer to that. And this is really something that is preoccupying to me. Is that we, a number of scientists and doctors who have been saying: “we have trouble”, Great Barrington Declaration; “we have trouble”, Doctors for Ethics; “we have trouble”, 57 scientists, of which I am as well, putting a paper asking to stop the vaccination. But since now, nobody listens. And it’s sad because we need those discussions. We need to be face-to-face and to have this discussion. And to force the laboratories to provide the answers to all this“.

Why would anyone choose to listen to those with known conflicts of interest, over those risking everything to defend decent science; evidence based public health over panic-stricken malpractice and politically motivated malfeasance; and human rights?

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