The Gell-Man Phenomenon

Fact Checkers vs Evidence Experts

New Zealand’s latest Covid-19 death also died of gunshot wounds.

Say No to the Surveillance State

A lot of people don’t know how crazy it already is in China. If you get caught jaywalking, the facial recognition identifies you, scans you, and you get fined then and there, on the spot. Money just gets taken out of your bank account.

Nick Hudson, co-founder of PANDA, spoke on The AJ Roberts Show yesterday. He discusses the data relating to effectiveness or otherwise of lockdowns over the widespread assumption that they somehow work in infectious disease control.

He cuts through each of the lies fed to the public, regardless of which country, used for psychological manipulation by governments and media using a web of falsehoods and coercion. “It’s probably the case that the mortality rate would be a lot lower if we carried on the way we did in the 1950s and 1960s when there was a bad flu season … These policy responses have caused lots of deaths. Billionaires in America have become 60% wealthier and small to medium enterprises, and your middle class and working class have become completely gutted. There’s a mortality consequence to that … The policy response is worsening the mortality outcome. It’s worsening the suffering. So no apologies from me“.

He also describes the experience of Murray Gell-Mann, a physicist who recognised that the media constantly misrepresented physics in their reporting. Wondering if this was the case in other disciplines, he contacted friends working in other fields to ask them. They all recognised the same phenomenon occurring in their respective specialties. As a consequence Gell-Mann concluded that everything he was reading via “news” media was nonsense, and he stopped subscribing.

In the past year I had my own Gell-Mann experience around the misrepresentation of disease surveillance and outbreak control, which caused me to stop following “news” which I once subscribed to. I agree entirely with Hudson’s conclusion that centrally controlled news networks are nothing but propaganda, with the theme today of keeping society locked down in the name of “safety” but under an agenda of tyranny.

There is no public health justification for lockdown practices and plenty of public health and human rights justification to oppose them vehemently. The history of lockdown’s origins are revealed by Michael Senger and Robert F Kennedy Jr in their thorough investigations of current day geo-political power. Until enough of us oppose it, criminally-linked widespread chaos will continue to steamroll society.

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