A Second Opinion

An inordinate amount of information is available now, providing a broader view of the public health narrative and allowing for more than a “single source of truth”. None of this information enters the realm of Trusted News Initiative-controlled, pharmaceutical industry-paid-up mainstream media outlets. Yet they are valid, usually highly qualified perspectives which under normal circumstances would, and now deserve to be, heard. Two examples are below, one from New Zealand and one from Washington DC.

Health care professionals in New Zealand who hold a non-“single-source-of-truth” opinion continue to stand up and speak truth to power, despite state-led threats to livelihoods and careers as well as the usual TNI-style character assassinations. On 15 January, a discussion was held with journalist Chantelle Baker, Is the Pfizer vaccine safe for children? Panelists were:

  • Dr Guy Hatchard, Physicist and Psychologist, health researcher specialising in natural health and food safety;
  • Lynda Wharton, Registered Acupuncturist and Naturopath, health researcher, freelance writer and founder of The Health Forum NZ;
  • Dr Cindy de Villiers, NZDSOS medical officer, being investigated by NZ Medical Council for expressing concerns about disproportionate fears generated in the NZ community;
  • Dr Allison Goodwin, NZDSOS medical officer, currently suspended by NZMC for questioning and voicing a different opinion than the state narrative on Covid;
  • Dr Matt Shelton, NZDSOS medical officer, currently suspended by NZMC for giving his professional medical opinion to patients, which deviates from the state narrative;
  • Tracy Pita, Māori public health advocate, who discusses coercion strategies, monetary payments and threats used to target “vaccine”-hesitant Māori communities;
  • Leao Tildsley, Samoan mother, community developer and founder of the Mama Bears project, who discusses the removal of parental rights, bombardment of propaganda in the Pasifika community and harmful results of the fears this generated.

We have endured two years of the pandemic and Covid-related deaths which has passed 5.6 million globally and 889,000 in the US. The US ranks 22nd in deaths per million (2,575) … Sweden, excoriated in the press, ranks 63rd (1,514 per million).

The human toll resulting from economic shutdowns is incalculable. The erosion of freedom and growing divisions within society, exacerbated by vaccine mandates, should concern us all. The latest variant, Omicron, is sweeping the planet as a wary public prays for it to be the last.

The purpose of today’s forum is to discuss the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge regarding early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety. What we did right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.

There is still much to learn about the coronavirus, Covid the disease, and Covid vaccines. Early in the pandemic our knowledge was minimal. But even then, because of what we learned from Italy and the Princess Cruise ship, it was becoming obvious Covid was a disease that targeted the old and those with certain comorbidities. Instead of using that information, public health officials, pursuing a one-size-fits-all response, relied heavily on creating a state of fear to ensure compliance.

They also kept moving the goalposts. For example, we went from a two week shutdown to flatten the curve. To “Zero Covid”. From masks weren’t necessary, to a single mask wasn’t adequate. From a vaccine that would prevent infection, to a vaccine that reduced severity of the disease.

And as goalposts were moving, different viewpoints were being crushed.

At the very moment when outside-the-box thinking was required, the internet could have been used by practising physicians to share their experiences as they developed effective therapies. The internet was used instead, to censor discussion and villify anyone with a different opinion.

Until Covid, a fundamental principal of medicine was early detection, allowing for early treatment, which produced better results. Two years into the pandemic, the compassionless guideline from the NIH, if you test positive, is to essentially do nothing. Go home, isolate yourself in fear, and pray you don’t require hospitalisation.

It has also been sound advice when dealing with serious illness, to get a second opinion. Maybe even a third.

Today is about getting that long overdue, second opinion“.

Senator Ron Johnson, Republican, Wisconsin
Washington DC, Monday 24 January 2022
Panel Discussion, Covid 19: A Second Opinion
Watch at this link

Or not?

“I’ve only come out in my wig and gown, in my work clothes, for the specific reason, that the mainstream media, when they do deign to cover such demonstrations, which isn’t often … they like to brand people here as tin foil hatters, nutters, cranks. Whereas in actual fact we are simply people from all walks of life and all professions, who can think for ourselves and want to exercise our democratic right to express our views … There is only one narrative, no air time given to a counter-narrative, even the most highly qualified people are not allowed to challenge the mainstream view…” Barrister Richard Orme

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