Eyes on the Ball

This amazing group of clinicians, leaders in their fields, converged in Washington a few days ago. They discuss their experiences working in an environment of horrific, and deadly, corrupted power. Many of them have been persecuted for the crime of saving lives with cheap, repurposed, effective medications which afford no profits to the pharmaceutical industry. Opening comments at the roundtable included:

Dr Pierre Kory of Frontline Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC):

Almost every single policy serves the interests of a pharmaceutical company“. In places where test and treat programs include use of Ivermectin, the pandemic ended. Uttar Pradesh in India, with a population of 240 million people, eradicated Covid. “Not covered. Two newspapers in India covered this and the word “Ivermectin” was not mentionedThe pharmaceutical industry is tightly intertwined with public health institutions … The industry capture of our health agencies, combined with their increasing financial control of most major media, social media and medical journals, has led to an ability to widely suppress and/or distort any information which supports the efficacy of repurposed, low-cost, off-patent medicines … protecting the market for novel, patented, obscenely profitable and often barely-tested and toxic medications … It’s an absurdity, it’s an obscenity, and it’s … a crime against humanity“.

Dr Paul Marik of FLCCC, 35 years as a critical care doctor, terminated during the pandemic because he doesn’t share the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda:

Between 4% and 10% of symptomatic Covid-19 patients have required hospitalisation across the world. With Omicron it’s about 2%. In this country, 4 million patients have been hospitalised with Covid and of those, 850,000 poor souls have died. These have been unnecessary, needless deaths”.

He goes on to describe serious scientific misconduct carried out under the leadership of Dr Anthony Fauci, who has strong financial interests in the toxic drug Remdesivir, which costs $3,000/course. Ivermectin costs 2 cents. “The Federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus on the entire hospital bill if they prescribe Remdesivir…“. Up to 500,000 lives could have been saved.

Dr Aaron Kheriarty, Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Ethics, terminated during the pandemic for declining a mandated “vaccine”:

The foundational principles of medical ethics have been ignored in the pandemic. Payment incentives spurred policies to focus on Covid at the expense of all other health concerns, leading to a bias in case and death counts. This cost many lives, with a 40% increase in all-cause mortality among working age adults, most of which is not Covid-related. A 10% increase in all-cause mortality is described as a “once in 200 year disaster”.

Informed consent principles have been breached with experimenal use vaccines being mandated and the “common good” argument falling apart as these vaccines do not prevent transmission or infection. Vaccine efficacy declines with time and with new variants, clearly demonstrated with Omicron, and natural immunity remains our primary path out of the pandemic. FDA requested a 75 year hold on the release of vaccine trial data relating to vaccines mandated to millions.

The scientific method has been abandoned, with silencing of competing perspectives, projecting to the public “the false appearance of scientific consensus“, with a militarised public health response imposed with no criteria as to when the politicised “state of emergency” might come to an end.

Dr Robert Malone, creator of mRNA technology:

Discusses informed consent including disclosure of risks and benefits. “These vaccines are designed for the original Wuhan strain and are mismatched for Omicron. They do not prevent infection, viral replication, or spread to others. In other words, the vaccines are leaky, have poor durability … they cannot achieve herd immunity. Furthermore, they are not completely safe and the full nature of the risks remain uncharacterised. It usually takes us many years to fully understand the risks of vaccines and certainly new vaccine technologies … Omicron is highly infectious, readily infects those who have been vaccinated, is generally associated with mild disease and rarely if ever, causes death. Mandating these vaccines makes no sense and is completely inconsistent with the core principles with western bioethics…“.

Dr David Wiseman, research bioscientist:

Discusses safety and efficacy concerns of novel vaccines and therapies. FDA and NIH have been asked to meet with scientists, and appear to have finally agreed.

Dr Christina Parks, research bioscientist:

Discusses safety concerns of the vaccine mandates, in particular related to the physiological differences in African Americans who may be at significantly higher risk of adverse events.

Professor Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University:

Discusses the failed public health policies in the USA which have led to “hundreds of thousands of deaths, and created misery and suffering almost everywhere they’ve been tried“, and the alternative offered by the Great Barrington Declaration in October 2020. The virus harms older people by 1000-fold compared to younger people; lockdowns have created a public health crisis. Protecting the vulnerable against the virus and protecting society against the harms of lockdown policies, should have been the public health approach.

The attempts to reputationally destroy Dr Bhattacharya and his Great Barrington co-authors, by Dr Fauci and Dr Collins, is outlined by Senator Johnson. [Destruction of reputations and careers is a well oiled practice outlined by RF Kennedy Jr in his book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. It appears to have filtered through the culture of health professions everywhere, as media reports and patient testimonies describe on an almost daily basis now].

Other panelists include Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Paul Alexander, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Harvey Risch, and multiple others. A robust discussion session, including disagreement on issues, follows the above introductory presentations. Details on corrupt practices within National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control are further outlined. Steve Kirsch delivers an entertaining presentation on the only face mask with any protective benefit. The use of fear and dishonest messages to scare the population into complying with measures which often contradict public health, whilst benefiting pharmaceutical industry interests, is a recurring theme.

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