The Five Steps of Pandemic Fraud Described

Mislav Kolakusic is a Member of the European Parliament who represents Croatia. He is a lawyer, worked for nine years as a judge and is an anti-corruption activist. See his CV here.

He summarised the five steps of pandemic fraud in a mere 77 seconds in this interview.

Five Steps of Pandemic Fraud

1. Ensure an appropriate definition

Handling of the H1N1 Pandemic – more transparency needed: Council of Europe Memorandum, March 2010

Described further in this three minute news item about the 2009 “swine flu pandemic”.

2. Change the way the illness is determined

  • Covid diagnosing breaks almost every diagnostic standard.
  • Defining a “case” of disease usually requires strict criteria involving symptoms, laboratory testing, and/or strong epidemiological connections with a confirmed case.
  • Covid includes such a wide range of symptoms that it crosses paths with many other possible diagnoses.
  • Presence of symptoms is not required for covid “disease” to be “diagnosed”.
  • Clinical expertise is not required for covid “diagnosis”. It can be done at home by anyone, using a test not fit for purpose, with no criteria for when / how often / why to test.
  • Laboratory testing to determine the cause of a suspected viral respiratory illness normally involves a “multiplex” test, looking for the most probable cause amongst a small group of the most likely laboratory-detectable circulating viruses including influenza, adenovirus, rhinovirus, enterovirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), metapneumovirus and parainfluenza virus. There are around 200 other possible respiratory viruses which cause the same range of symptoms.
  • In the case of covid, multiplex testing has been removed from the process and only one disease is tested for.
  • The test does not differentiate between virus which has entered the cells to cause illness, and that which is sitting on a surface doing no harm. This was best described by Christian Drosten in an interview in 2014.
  • Drosten created the covid PCR test and is considered by many to be a criminal.

3. Change the way death from the illness is determined

This is similar to the points above. For example, people dying from cancer, heart disease, stroke and other causes, who test positive for the virus which causes covid, have been counted in the covid death numbers. This is well illustrated by the review of death certificates in Florida, USA by Rational Ground in September 2021.

Deaths by suicide, road traffic accident and gunshot wound have all been counted as covid deaths countless times across the world. At the height of the madness in Cambodia, the body of a homeless man I knew who hung himself from a tree on the shores of the Mekong was not allowed to be cut down until the hazmat-suited “covid team” had been to test him for covid and cleared him as negative. This explains why during an alleged pandemic, there was almost no excess death until after the vaccine rollout.

The criminal use of Midazolam to “calm” nursing home residents left in isolation for months on end, and inserted into covid treatment protocols, has been reported on by care givers, investigators, lawyers and researchers. Mainstream media don’t touch the story, dubbed “A Good Death” involving high level politicians and central bankers. Other drugs have been similarly used to cause harm, eg morphine and remdesivir, and harmful treatments recommended.

4. Introduce a range of symptoms that could be caused by anything

5. Remove all options for dialogue

Debate and exploration are cornerstones of public health, especially in epidemics which require investigation of risk factors for severe outcomes, potential treatments and effective responses. The right to speak beyond a single narrative was removed and the idea of “a single source of truth” was aggressively promoted through powerful information control and severe censorship of some of the most eminent public health practitioners in the world.

Why the Criminal Fraud?

Around the world you start to see more and more people taking over governments who have a central banking background. This is going to complete central control, with vaccine passports; central bank digital currency which is not a currency but a control system; universal basic income – by destroying people’s ability to produce their own income you put them on a stipend: more control“. Financier, Catherine Austin-Fitts describes what is happening, why and the best way to respond, in this 22 minute presentation: Useful Steps for Navigating the Financial Reset.

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