Sixty Seven Percent

Robert F Kennedy Junior spoke at the 2nd Annual Budapest Covid19 Conference. I have shared this link before but it’s so good I’m resharing it and have transcribed most of it below. He talked about some of what he learned during research for his book “The Real Dr Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and … More Sixty Seven Percent

Questioning Scientism

Matthew B Crawford has degrees in physics and political philosophy. He is a senior fellow at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. Unherd published his piece How science has been corrupted: the pandemic has revealed a darkly authoritarian side to expertise and he gave an excellent interview with Freddie Sayers in … More Questioning Scientism

The Army Marches On

“In their studies they employed a standard influenza model. Namely the ferret. The virus was modified to allow for aerosol transmission to one another. One of the causes of the public misunderstanding was the widespread belief that the virus that was transmitted by aerosol from one ferret to another, actually killed the ferrets. When in … More The Army Marches On