Following False Science

Decent pandemic and pseudoscience pushback resources are amplifying like a corrupted mass diagnostic program. One of the best I’ve seen yet is Countdown to the Kingdom. It seems like a religious page, not normally my thing except the video on their front page answers false science with real science in a very accessible and entertaining format.

Two days ago Voices for Freedom hosted Dr Peter McCullough in this excellent two hour discussion. Not only a brilliant mind but a very generous soul, he represents humanity in a way that profiteering false scientists could never hope to appreciate let alone emulate.

Around the same time Del Bigtree interviewed Dr Ryan Cole on pandemic issues.
I’m a board certified pathologist, trained in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology, dermata pathology, and I did PhD research in immunology. Part of that is virology. I trained at the Mayo Clinic, I was Chief Fellow there in my Surgical Pathology year. I run a large independent medical laboratory, one of the largest in the state of Idaho. I serve clients and patients all around the country. All day long I’m looking at tissues, examining blood reports, doing microbiology, doing molecular biology. So I’m a Pathologist. I do the hard core science and I do the diagnostics … When you mix medicine and politics you get politics, so you have politicians telling us what we should be doing or what the science is. The scientists are the ones quietly seeing what’s happening and then we get silenced or cancelled when we speak the truth about the patterns that are undeniable“.

The level of regulatory capture is extremely worrying. Question everything you hear.

The latest example I’ve seen is the American Association of Pediatrics, recommending various pseudoscientific interventions against children from mass masking, social distancing and of course, mass vaccination, revealed as a Pfizer beneficiary.

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