Dear Pfizer : Leave the Children Alone

The newly formed Brownstone Institute published Dear Pfizer: Leave the Children Alone, a short article by Dr Paul Alexander in October. He explains the pathophysiology behind why children are at low risk of Covid disease, and why vaccinating children is “absolutely reckless, dangerous based on lack of safety data and poor research methodology, and without any scientific basis“. Alexander has his own website,, in which he shares his expertise on evidence based medicine, research methodology and clinical epidemiology specific to Covid-19.

He also speaks out constantly against the junk science that has taken the world by storm over the past two years, from the use of fear to ensure buy-in of harmful interventions by society, to flawed testing for inflated “case” numbers, to his major concerns relating to safety of the “vaccines” promoted as our only solution. He speaks here with Laura Lynn about the issues and his experiences as a member of the White House Covid-19 Task Force, including his perspectives of Anthony Fauci who talks “just garbage science … He is inept. He’s a bent scientist“. Clearly!

In November 2021 a forum of public health experts discussing the Covid vaccine rollout specific to Hawaii featured presentations by the following:

  • Robert F Kennedy Jr, who analyses the Pfizer clinical trial data;
  • Dr Ryan Cole, Clinical Pathologist who discusses public health advice for preventing Covid-19; and physiological processes of the mRNA gene therapies being promoted as vaccines via redefinition of the term “vaccine”. He explains the pathophysiology behind the risks associated with these inoculations. “It’s not logical to mandate you put a toxin in your body for which one of the side effects is death“;
  • Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist, who discusses the pathophysiology of Covid disease, and data comparisons between “vaccine” and early treatment effectiveness and safety. “The risk of myocarditis is greater than that of getting Covid-19 itself … the wild promotion of the vaccines is really off the rails now, it was really seduction of children to receive these vaccines…
Pharmaceutical industry capture reaches Sesame Street
  • Lee Hicks, athlete, mother of two and special education teacher who experienced vaccine injury this year following two doses of Moderna (multiple blood clots in both lungs and heart failure);
  • Dr Angelina Farella, Paediatrician, speaks on the effects of Covid-19 “vaccines” on children and women. “Here we are in the year 2021 and we have never seen before, anything like this in the history of vaccinations … Covid-19 has a 99.997% survivability in anyone under the age of 30. In other countries they have halted vaccinations in anyone under the age of 30 due to their observations that it is causing major serious adverse events “.
  • Dr Richard Urso, Ophthalmologist with expertise in tumour viruses and wound healing, discusses “the most dangerous vaccine rollout in history <as per> the data points … the emergency in children right now, is vaccine harm“. He briefly outlines the most famous example of corrupted science, The Lancet’s still-unexplained publication in 2020, of a fabricated study on Hydroxychloroquine as early treatment for Covid-19 (see “Lancetgate” in yesterday’s post, Atrocities Hidden in Broad Daylight, for detail).
  • Abrien Aguirre, Occupational Therapist and Long Term Care Facility Director, discusses his experiences as a therapist in two different elder care facilities on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. “I thought I was going to see what the mainstream media was portraying … a lot of sick elderly patients, dying … We weren’t seeing that on our [200+ bed] Covid unit. We were seeing extremely old, geriatric population patients with comorbidities. Yet most of them were asymptomatic. They weren’t suffering from symptoms of Covid … <in> approximately eight months I saw 12 deaths. Some of these deaths were attributed to hospice patients that were dying of terminal illness. Yet they were labelled Covid deaths … <I moved to> a smaller 100-bed facility when we rolled out the Moderna vaccine. Immediately after administering the Moderna vaccine, patients’ conditions started to deteriorate … strokes, heart attacks, blood clots … So in the Covid Unit I saw 12 deaths in 8 months, none of them fully attributed to Covid because they were terminally ill … After the rollout of the vaccine, 32 deaths in 3.5 to 4 months [in a 100 bed unit] … Very alarming at the time … Months after people had received their first and second shot, they were still testing positive … for Covid. They were still coming down with symptoms. And some of them were passing away, even though they were considered fully vaccinated…

Dr Cole returns at the end of the forum to provide details of Covid-19 prevention measures:
– Maintain adequate Vitamin D levels;
– Quercetin helps Zinc get into your cells;
– A small amount of Zinc daily;
– Maintain Vitamin C levels.

Early treatment medications (Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin) are often not dispensed now due to regulatory interference. This is insane as they are safe and effective; sold over the counter in many countries. A corrupt media-pharmaceutical complex who can’t make money from these generic drugs and have worked to convince people they are “animal medicines”. They are used safely and effectively to treat or prevent many human diseases.

Aspirin alone – blocks the primary clotting pathway – helps decrease hospitalisation. When a study was publicised on this, the FDA announced it shouldn’t be used. “Every time something works, they try to cancel it“.

Don’t wait. Bad symptoms tend to kick in around 7-10 days after infection. Preparation is ideal. Have medications on hand. And optimise your health.

Uttar Pradesh province in India began an early treatment program for anyone with symptoms or high risk of symptomatic disease. They are now Covid-free with only 5% vaccine uptake rate.

He then covers a question from someone about whether Novavax is a better option for those who are reluctant to take mRNA vaccines.

“It’s certainly less damaging than the gene-based vaccines. However, we’ve never in history had a successful vaccine against a coronavirus. The reason is, the spike protein mutates over time. That’s why we’re having a problem around the world with Delta. We’ve selected for the mutation that eventually became Delta because of the vaccine pressure … which allowed Delta to dominate.

The spike on the Novavax only covers the legacy variants, that are now extinct within society. Similarly to the gene-based vaccines. They’re directed towards the original strains of the virus … that are now gone …

It’ll be booster palusa, and we’ll be playing whack-a-mole with variants. Each time we’re exposed to the spike we make an antibody that at first may be good. May decrease some symptoms or whatever. But eventually a binding, non-neutralising antibody becomes your enemy. And then you can enhance disease down the road when you get exposed to another variant …

Each time you get a booster you are actually altering your immune response to your detriment in the future. This is the reason we don’t have a vaccine to HIV forty years later, because it similarly has a different spike, but that spike always mutates. Coronaviruses, the spike always mutates. There are certain viruses like Measles that stay enough the same that we have immunity for a lifetime. You can’t do that with Coronaviruses, <whether> it’s Novavax, which at first certainly is safer, but down the road those antibodies become your enemy…

To any official that’s listening. Please. Please. Please. These mandates are illogical. They go against science. We have a new virus <variant>. The vaccines can only do harm at this point, and no good.

And please don’t vaccinate the children with these.
They’re our precious next generation.

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