Fangkong Fails

The whole world seems convinced by lockdown. Whenever virus “cases” go down everyone claps for lockdown. When they go up, it means someone somewhere has been “selfish” and “broken the rules”. Public health 101 teaches that blame, shame and stigma are not useful for disease control and highly damaging to individuals and society. Yet society is now pivoted in this way and everyone has embraced it.

If you’ve ever monitored respiratory viruses you know that they undulate up and down, and that the pattern in which they do so differs amongst different populations and at different points in time for multiple different reasons including differences between epidemic and endemic patterns. Viruses take no notice of even strict lockdown, as real world data over the past 18 months across locations now shows. With one exception: China. Infectious Disease Epidemiologists refer to an array of evidence that in fact, lockdown places the vulnerable “at the front of the bus” by ignoring the need for targeted protection based on risk stratification (which relates to disease, hospitalisation and death, not to “cases”).

Epidemics stop without lockdown, as Sweden, Florida, Texas and many other locations show. So it is a completely bizarre situation to be told repeatedly that the Chinese Communist Party’s Fangkong response to public health is what works for viruses. Particularly when “diagnosis” is based on a test which is not fit for purpose and information on comorbidities is actively hidden from daily death counts being used to maintain fear and compliance.

Fangkong wasn’t being practised in Western Australia when this happened from May to July of 2019.

Fangkong has however, been in practice throughout this hot mess in 2020-21.

Meanwhile the Big Pharma-controlled, Big Media-promoted disaster of pseudoscientific public health response marches on. Many eminent public health experts speak out constantly but they are shouting into a headwind with little attention paid because of the powerful forces in control. The latest propaganda has been referral to the drug Ivermectin, which has been used successfully by expert clinicians, to treat probably millions of high risk Covid patients, as a “horse paste”.

Ivermectin may well be used as a horse paste, just as Penicillin is used on animals. Estimates are that 4 billion doses of Ivermectin have been used in humans over many decades, for treatment of parasitic diseases including scabies and worms.

The issue seems to be the active obstruction and/or refusal of physicians to prescribe it for Covid-19, leading to ill informed and afraid people purchasing the animal form in desperation and using it without prescriber guidance. Education by social media meme seems to be the most common way for messages to spread, and there must be thousands of anti-Ivermectin memes circulating to millions of people who never heard of the drug before and believe the first thing they read without attention to the full story.

Dr Pierre Kory from the Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance shares evidence constantly that supports the use of Ivermectin in changing the trajectory of Covid related death. Nursing homes in New York state who had recently experienced scabies outbreaks treated with Ivermectin which is given to all staff and residents to control spread, reported very few Covid-19 related concerns whilst many without recent Ivermectin intervention experienced very high rates of disease and death.

As with all epidemiology, there may well be other population and environment related variables, however the evidence for Ivermectin seems strong even with the tiny numbers of death seen in the below graphs. Most significantly, this cheap repurposed drug threatens Big Pharma’s agenda to “vaccinate” the world repeatedly. Their problem is that ultimately actual science, which constantly questions itself, will win over failing pseudoscience which silences all questions.

Dr Peter McCullough’s twelve minute interview with an Australian television host on 30 August here, demonstrates competent public health being practiced with courage. He seems indestructible but attempts to silence him have nevertheless been aggressive.

On 19 August Dr Christina Parks testified to the Michigan Senate. She has a PhD in cellular and molecular biology “so I’m very well versed in the science of vaccination”. Her eight minute testimony described the way that “extremely complex science” is being simplified by media in order to remove our freedoms.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich addressed a New Zealand audience on Thursday night via Voices for Freedom, who are growing in number every week. The 1h25m recording can be viewed at this link. He provides a succinct description of the history of this pandemic and the corrupted forces leading the fray. He also speaks with hope that good will ultimately win.

Meanwhile, “public health” in the poor world no longer exists. Reports are that health centres and hospitals are now empty of patients except those mandated to present for Covid testing, Covid vaccination or Covid quarantine. Childhood vaccination programs are suspended along with many other life saving programs, swallowed by the Covid Industry. The impoverished all wear filthy face masks around their chin which they pull over their airways when required. They cannot access food and malnutrition rages. The destruction and death that this is causing really is, as so many have stated, a humanitarian crisis bigger than anything in the lifetime of anyone who is alive today. With threats to food supplies across the wealthy world now being spoken of, this may ultimately encourage a turn of public support for these crimes. Sickeningly being carried out and naiively supported in the name of public health!

Fangkong, already enforced in China and now rolling out across the West, described in a single tweet.

One thought on “Fangkong Fails

  1. A very scary and very real situation can arise from having the common head cold. You go about your day as if you are tip top (blowing your nose in hiding while disposing your tissues in the bottom of the bin) when you want nothing better than to crawl back into bed…but doing so will cause alarm by those around you.

    In a country with questionable democracy, one could be forcibly taken to be covid tested and then whether positive or not, shoved into quarantine (expensive as a foreigner – life threatening as a local). And god forbid you sneeze!


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